'Star Trek: Discovery' actor Doug Jones on conquering fear and stepping up screentime


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
Gosh! Star Treck is nearly as old as Dr Who!

"The first episode of the show aired on 6 September 1966 on CTV in Canada, followed by a 8 September 1966 airing on NBC in America. The show was created by Gene Roddenberry as a "Wagon Train to the Stars". Star Trek was set in the 23rd century and featured the voyages of the starship USS Enterprise."

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Yeh! Star Trek TV and movies are science fiction, too bad. However, I envied Leonard Nimoy's Mr. Spock with "cool" emotional control and sharp logic, and I appreciated the haunting beauty of Nichelle Nichols, Kirstie Alley, Jeri Ryan and others playing female alien roles. Perhaps, just perhaps, some day such science fiction will no longer be so. One can only hope that any real life space aliens don't appear too alien.
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