'Star Trek Discovery' season 3, episode 7 recap: The series' strong start feels like a different show entirely

Mar 28, 2020
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Another Snowdon formulaic 'review'. I do think that all the statements in these reviews should be prefaced with "In my opinion..." as that is what they are - personal opinions. You can't blithely state that "we are disappointed..." or "We fail to see how..." and so on. You absolutely do not speak for all of us!
So much of these 'reviews' and 'critiques' stems from the logical fallacy known as 'Argument from Personal Incredulity', which is basically "I don't believe that such and such is possible, so therefore it isn't". Example: Burnham, propelled 900 years into the future, spends a year experiencing and adapting to the situation, and has to survive in what seems to be a very hostile world, cut off from everything that was familiar . Think how things have changed here in the last 900 years; in 1120 AD it was horse and cart and fighting with pointy sticks. Take someone from that time, plonk them down in 2020 and come back in a year and see if they've changed. It's possible for people to change entirely in much less time than that - a month, a week, a day - I've seen it happen, and without time travel being involved.
Apparently, throwing in inter-dimensional space monkeys is a much better idea. If only we could return to the lofty pinnacles of Star Trek script writing such as the stellar 'Spocks Brain", or "The Omega Glory". Not a quivering lip or display of nasty old emotions in sight! Much better eh?
Wonder if the review of the episode will be any better? More of the same I suppose, with depressing predictability.
Nov 29, 2019
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Great review. Well written and very entertaining to read. Scott Snowden writes from the perspective of what makes sci-fi enjoyable – or not – on television. One spacey point I picked up on though was when Lt. Owosekun announced the Discovery was the Lagrange Point for Ni'var...and since Vulcan doesn't have a moon, it would be the point between the planet and 40 Eridani A, the star that Vulcan orbits. But, it did seem very close to the planet's surface...

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