Star Wars movies ranked, worst to best

Oct 1, 2021
I am genuinely surprised to find that you think Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker should be placed higher, and that you don't have them lower. "But, it’s this very rule-breaking that actually makes it one of the best Star Wars movies" no it doesn't, the rule breaking, ignoring Star Wars History, and the terrible backstory is why a lot of people hate this movie, and the sequels in general. And about the prequels, Revenge of the Sith is easily in the top 5 best Star Wars movies, "the whole arc just came off as ridiculous and unbelievable" you just perfectly described the sequels. Yes, Attack of the Clones is might be the worst prequel movie, but the Senate reason is complete BS. The Senate appears only in one scene, and as far as Anakin-Padme romance, yeah it wasn't good, but everyone completely exaggerates how bad it is. The bad scenes are only in the first hour or so, and even then they're not that long. The Clone Wars show being "decent"? Please, you have to be trolling.
Jan 11, 2020
The second three filmed (numbers 1-3 of the nine) hurt the brand no doubt but the last three films absolutely destroyed it with it’s strident feminism running roughshod of everything the first films established. All this because some woman producer wanted to make a statement… I pretend they don’t exist.
I did enjoy “Rogue One” it’s easily top five material!
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Jul 10, 2020
Star Wars has been completely ruined with things like the "Bestus Jedi Ever" who needs no training and is so good that she will go back in time and train Luke. (at least that was one of the plots for upcoming movies).
I will never watch another Star Wars movie until Kennedy and her hord of minions are no longer involved IN ANY WAY.
Any of the new Disney movies don't even deserve to be on this list at all, and The Clone Wars TV show was easily miles above any of the Disney movies for quality story and sticking to canon.
I can't believe anyone could even make a list like this. Basically the worst list ever!
I think this list is a good as one I could make.

Since I was around when the first one was released (IV), I'll put it first. I experienced being blown-away with how it exceeded any expectation I had for it. The plot, the Force, the graphics, and William's music pulled you very deep into their flick. Great originality and novelty, with a spiritual touch that made it even more of a serious story. I watched it on the big screen 9x. Nothing else has come close.

Those my age would likely have to make IV first for that reason, though it would be nice to get it in 8k, somehow. :)

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