'Stargate' and 'RoboCop' reboots in the works at Amazon: report

Feb 27, 2023
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They have to be very careful here. Stargate SG-1 itself was, essentially, a re-boot. And it worked because it was both the same as the original and different enough to be able to carve its own identity. That's a track record they need to pay attention to and why SGU didn't work so well. I actually enjoyed SGU BUT it was so different in tone that it often didn't feel like SG-1 or Atlantis (itself, the same but different enough.) Most of these shows that don't seem to end up 'working' is failing to meld the old and the new.

That said, 13-14 years removed from anything Stargate related (by the time this will actually be able to premiere) probably gives them more room to try 'new' things.