Stuff we have in orbit

Try Lists all spacecraft visible at any one time at your location, shows visibility path, set alerts for ISS, etc. Also shows night sky your location.
That was really cool i am new here and wanted to know all about Space as much as i can so i came here you can suggest me some beginner topics.
The field of astronomy is vast.

If you don't have something specific, like exoplanet discoveries, and want a more general view of astronomy, there are a couple of ways to go:

1) Go big then look more and more at closer stuff. In this case, you could start with getting some idea of the powerful Big Bang Theory, which explains not only space but all the elements in galactic clouds, stars, planets and even our body's material. It demonstrates there was a beginning to the universe.

2) Go small then grow outward. Start with stuff on Earth like meteorites and telescopes. Telescopes aren't all that complicated, but they are critical to modern astronomy. Next would be the solar system.

I would encourage anyone to start with the history behind any science. How we got to where we are today is more easily understood by looking at the past.

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