Tachyons: Facts about these faster-than-light particles

"What tachyons really demonstrate is the importance of imagination in our ongoing quest to understand the universe. They may not exist, and if they do we may have no hope of ever measuring one."

Interesting report wrap-up in the article. 3D space in the BB model is expanding faster than c velocity. The cosmology calculators show this for all objects with redshifts 1.4 or larger documented today (comoving distances calculated for expanding space). What tests verify that 3D space is expanding at a rate much faster than c throughout much of the universe today?

Tachyons and 3D space expanding faster than c velocity likely face problems in verification. The science is not what I would call *heliocentric certainty* in science testing standards.
This article may not seem to have any connectivity but I submit it here because I believe it certainly does have elements of a universal connectivity (step up a step or two, or three (whatever (planes)), in dimensionality):

Researchers Defeat Randomness to Create Ideal Code | Quanta Magazine

I was going to submit it as a new thread but portions seem to fit across the lines. I thought it better to go to mixing these lines (and/or planes) of information.

It's a Multiverse Universe.
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There is only one way for the rear of your spaceship, thus the whole of your spaceship -- as a whole (or any whole object), to continue to exist unitarily while speeding through space-time. That is tachyons (that is quantum convertibility -- or space-time maintenance -- on the fly). As a traveler, it's how you see the space-time past (-) as always developing to your rear as you go forward into space-time futures (+). Anything that moves in the universe is kept whole (all other things being equal, so to speak) via particle-tachyon | tachyon-particle convertibility instantly on the spot. The traveler, whatever the object, would have no sense (no realization) of what is occurring (again, all other things being equal). Each and every point of it being always maintained as the exact center point of infinity (centered in the horizon (t=0) between the horizons (t=1)).

Well, anyway, each and every so-called sub-light particle is its own hyper-light tachyon.

The illustrated space cones in the article don't work as illustrated in the article or any other article that illustration appears in. It's almost laughable since the flow of space-time (pasts (-) > futures (+)) (pasts and/or futures) is always to the foreground's observer (to Now (t=0 (constant!))), including travelers, from infinity's background horizon (t=1), and never away from either as the arrows of time in the illustration point. The only observable universe is the past (-) always oncoming to the observer (t=0) via future (+). As many people have said, "the future is Now" (t=0), the only constancy other than infinity's constant (t=1).

You want to time travel the past, take to space and jump into one of those space-time past corridors . . . and find yourself traveling a future path through it to a destination that is always dark universe stuff until you (A) arrive at point B Now (t=0) from point A Now (t=0). Neither one being observable universe, your only observables being pasts-futures flowing like streams to you from every point on the compass. Then you're talking tachyons, particularly as the observable universe .to the rear flows to you as a growing, ever more distant, past (a past universe always oncoming to you even as flows away into the past). Mars at its closest orbital position to Earth is observed to be (-)3.03 minutes, or about a (-)182 seconds, from Earth. Dark universe stuff Mars is (+)3.03 minutes ((+) 182 seconds) to that (-)3.03 minutes. And it is not the former (-) the traveler travels to but to the latter (t=0) from the observable former (-) via the (+) space-time path. Like quantum entangled particles, the three t=0 reside in one field of dark universe until two reals (traveler A (t=0) and Mars B (t=0) (Earth A (t=0) then being in the direction of infinity (t=1) or traveler A (t=0) and Earth B (t=0) (Mars A (t=0) then being in the direction of infinity (t=1)) merge, so to speak.

Since the traveler above, if he could, would measure the speed of light incoming from every point of the space-time compass to be exactly the same speed of light as every other point of incoming, it means he is dealing in sub-light speed particle / hyper-light speed tachyon convertibility and compatibility in every direction of the compass. It could be said, and rightly so, that the traveler is traveling more dimensions than he started with (that he has risen to and is traveling a hyper space-time dimensionality).

It's a Multiverse Universe.
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Tachyons and a Multiverse have the intellectual appeal of "a wishful thinking, utopian" belief without any proof via experiment or reality. History is replete with such beliefs many of which did not end well for humanity. IMO. If any theory can not be verified via independent, repeatable, falsifiable experiments then it's nonsense, speculation, religion or assignments for hapless graduate students.
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Reference my post #2. Like tachyons moving faster than c, 3D space is postulated as expanding much faster than c velocity in the BB model. Inflation features 3D space expanding > 10^20 c. Current cosmology features all objects with redshifts 1.4 or larger, 3D space is expanding faster than c velocity. Using 13.8 billion LY radius for what we may observe in astronomy today, that volume of space in a sphere is a bit more than 1.1 x 10^31 cubic light years. According to cosmology, the universe radius today is some 46 billion LY radius (CMBR redshift 1100), so volume of the sphere is larger than 4 x 10^32 cubic light years. In astronomy and BB model, most of the universe is not observable today while most of the universe is expanding faster than c velocity - somewhere far, far away.

It seems astronomers and cosmologists today have no trouble accepting concepts like this in science so why not embrace tachyons buzzing all around faster than c velocity? Do I think science like this is on the same firm footing as heliocentric certainty? No.
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To too many what they cannot observe simply does not exist -- is nonsense, speculation, religion or assignments for hapless graduate students. They believe the speed of light is instantaneous across the observed, observable, universe, and so there is no such thing then as that other simultaneously existing universe type, the unobserved and unobservable universes!

There is only one way for a cell to both continuously accumulate and conserve energy and that is to divide . . . divide out and/or divide within (divide out into frontiers or take division's portion out of the guts of unity). Of course, to some there is no such thing existing -- regarding space-time at large -- as that simultaneous opposite physic to "unity" called "division". To them there is no such thing as cell division, particularly if it is unobserved and unobservable universe(s) ("dark universe stuff"). And, again to them, there is no such thing -- particularly regarding space-time at large -- as that simultaneously existing opposite physic to "finite" (potential for infinity); "infinity" (potential fulfilled (yet another example, the most primary example, of 'Schrodinger's cat')). Those people are "pudding proof physics" of what the noted historian of Civilization, Will Durant -- among so many others -- said, "'History' always repeats, in large aspect even if never in fine details."
It's a Multiverse Universe.

"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other, so all life is a great chain the nature of which is known whenever we are shown a single link of it. . ." -- Sherlock Holmes: A Study In Scarlet, by A. Canon Doyle.

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition . . ." -- Albert Einstein.
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