Technological progress

May 27, 2023
With the constant advancement of IoT in smart homes and even smart cities, including other technologies like robots using machine learning, we can take further steps to harness the full power of the planet. In this way, we could finally reach stage 1 of the Kardashev scale. Thinking even further ahead, these technologies can be applied on a large scale in the solar system with new deep space explorations and the use of nanorobots on asteroids. These nanorobots could map their material constitution, allowing the harvesting of the raw material present in them, in addition to offering other advantages, such as terraforming moons on Jupiter and Saturn, and terraforming other planets and or telluric rocky bodies, as well as the possibility of regulating accurately or close to every corner of the solar system. Even the Sun could wrap itself in a Dyson sphere to collect its energy. In a few billion years, when the Sun starts the red giant process, we could start using stellar engineering techniques to contain its exponential growth and consume other planets (obviously, this would only be possible for a few years due to the loss of fuel, like hydrogen).
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