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The Best Night Sky App for Android


If you type “stargazing app” into the Google Play Store search bar, you’ll get over 50 results. How on earth are you supposed to choose? Thankfully, we’ve done our research in order to determine which are superior. Which one comes out on top, and why? After careful consideration, the app that offers the most and offers the greatest ease of use is: Stellarium. Here’s why:

1. The graphics are realistic.
Many stargazing apps turn the night sky into kid’s cartoon, which can take away from the experience. Stellarium takes a near carbon copy of the heavens and puts it into your phone. This makes it far easier to match up the app to what you’re seeing with your own eyes to determine what you’re looking at.

2. It has advanced menu options to tailor your experience.
You have so many options when it comes to what you want to see on your screen. You can toggle constellation art on and off, choose whether or not you want the constellation names and lines displayed, select deep sky objects, and even decide if you want the landscape to be shown so you can identify where the horizon is. Few apps offer such extensive customization.

3. It offers superior service at a minimal price.
At $2.99, Stellarium is a steal. For lifetime access to a mini planetarium that even provides information on myths surrounding the night sky along with a catalogue detailing the magnitude and distance of nearly every object in the sky, the price can’t be beat.
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