The 'doorway' seen on Mars is not for aliens. Here's how it really formed.

There probably is a natural explanation. But, I still think they should go look into whatever it is.

The block of material to the left of the "doorway" in the picture seems to be about in-line with the opening. It looks like ti came out of the "doorway". It did not necessarily need a big quake to get there. For instance, see . Long ago in the past, this process might have been active in this area of Mars, too.
I was not referring to you! Please do not think that. I meant that this might be a new ink blob area, generally.
Cat, Don't worry, I was not being offended - just making a play on words for a bit of humor.

As for ink blot analysis, the psychiatrists don't like the answer "an ink blot" when they ask a patient what they see when looking at an ink blot. They want an answer that they can use their "expertise" to "analyze" to tell you what is "wrong" with you. But, of course, they do have a plan B if you say "ink blot" - they ask you to use your imagination. If you persist in not playing their game, then you are at best "unimaginative" or worse, like "uncooperative", or "lack emotions", etc.

Realistically, we are programmed by evolution to be aware of our surroundings and looking for clues about what is going on. Seeing something that looks like a man-made structure is a strong clue. That is why we use camouflage in wartime. Other animals have the same evolutionary traits, so we also use camouflage in hunting and nature photography. Fortunately for us, deer don't do well in the ink blot tests. But, I have heard that some have worked on AI programs to find military camouflage in pictures to help ID targets.

If NASA saw that picture and decided to NOT look into it a bit, I expect we would think they are the ones needing psychoanalysis.

Now, for the real test: We keep asking why we have not been visited by aliens from other worlds. But, if a space ship landed in front of you while you were out camping in a remote area, and some little green men got out and asked you to fill out a survey before getting back into their ship and departing, would you tell the authorities? Psychiatrists await your answer. (Biases work in many directions, for many reasons.)
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