The FTL Accelerating Expansion of the Universe is Always Backward in Time!

The universe is expanding faster than the speed of light because the flow direction of the expansion is always backward in time! IT IS THAT SIMPLE!

The universe's flow direction of time travel, NOT THAT OF ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN IT! is backward in time!

The unobservable future histories future light cone is not forward of the observed past histories past light cone but overlays it in a quantum entangling "superposition!" so that travelers in the universe will always be traveling in the exact equal but opposite direction to the time direction, the time flow, direction of the eternally time traveling universe itself!


Albert Einstein: "God doesn't play dice with the universe."
Stephen Hawking: "Yes, God does play dice with the universe but they're loaded."
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Does anyone realize how fast a traveler can travel the universe if the traveler, like you, is always traveling forward in time observed from the rear in time observed? Never traveling faster than the speed of light since the so-called time dilation always applies to the future histories future light cone?!

I've always been denying the existing of time dilation except as the traveler observes time dilation forward in travel. Fast forward [observed] from however far [observed] to the rear in time of all destinations in the [observed] "observable universe."

I've also always advocated something similar to what I've expressed in the opening of this thread, just never on the scale of the accelerating expansion of an "observable universe." I've said the expansion was an accelerating expansion to "nowhere." It turns out my "nowhere" means a counterintuitive reversal of time to an "endless beginning to the universe(s)," via faster than the speed of light, just as I've stated in other ways without realizing and hitting upon a tachyon and/or antimatter solution to the universe's time flow (travel). And, as I state above and elsewhere, there is no limit to speed of travel observed forward in time from backward in time observed (which is all we observe of time, of SPACETIME, whether just across a room or across the universe).

What really screwed me up was this diagram of SPACETIME which isn't right when I realize an overlaying / inlaying superposition of the two light cones, with the past light cone's time line being the universe's time line and the future light cone's time line being the time line of all the universe contains, for a final result in the front line (so to speak) of spontaneous concurrent REALTIME (t=0 (0-point)); and in the back line back ground (again so to speak) of P/BB collapsed cosmological constant (/\) Horizon Mirror (t=*1*).

This diagram:

That bottom arrow's direction of time flow is [counterintuitively] the universe's faster-than-the-speed-of-light "accelerating expansion" direction of time flow.
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