The Full Snow Moon of February 2022 rises tonight!

I was out 14-Feb-2022 looking at the Moon, while not the Full Snow Moon, impressive viewing :)

Observed 1730-1830 EST/2230-2330 EST. Full Moon 16-Feb-2022 1656 UT. Waxing gibbous tonight. I tested the TeleVue 9-mm Nagler eyepiece (more than 30 years old) using the XT10i. The 1.25-inch adapter works great so does the Nagler 9-mm eyepiece. Sharp views of the Moon using unaided eye viewing and with my eyeglasses at 133x with true FOV 0.615-degree or 36.9 arcminutes. Virtual Moon Atlas shows the Moon’s angular size 30.29 arcminutes. The old TeleVue Nagler 9-mm worked excellent using the 1.25-inch adapter. I can use the TeleVue Nagler 9-mm eyepiece with the XT10i for 133x views and no Barlow lens. This will be very good with the 82-degree apparent FOV for looking at planets and the Moon. I tested using Orion Moon filter too, excellent views. Tycho crater, Calvius crater and areas along the south limb and terminator line viewed while testing. Copernicus crater viewed in North-West quadrant.


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