The Light, Space, Time, Energy and Matter

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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
"C=π Megameters/Centisecond and π is a number so where is the wrong in the analysis."

This is exactly where dimensional analysis is used. c is a speed dimensions length/time, and π is dimensionless, being a ratio. SPEED CANNOT EQUAL DIMENSIONLESS.
You need a constant c = k π. The constant is c/π. This just gives you c = c which shows the equation is nonsense because we don't need the equation to know c = c.

As to the questions, you have to explain how π is some constant x c, which is back to the above.

Dimensional analysis proves that there is something very, very wrong in your manipulations.

So please go back to the other thread and answer this numerical problem.
And PLEASE stick to just the other thread.

Cat :)
This is your opinion about the subject matter but to be honest all mathematics is based on Pi because they created geometry in math from Pi because it is a ratio of a dimension circle over diameter so it is the dimensional speed of Light. Sorry man they didn't convinced Me even if it is on google.
In Light and eveywhere Pi has all the dimension you can ever think about it so it is dimensional.
You know about manifold topology when a spiral could be adapt in 1 view plan from viewing it from top and it could be a circle in the topology translation this is one shot to explain its Pi in relation to its sinusioityy.
Bro this is 1 of the movement characteristic of Light so what about the others, there will be too much of complexity using unrreal number and e logging the minimum distance of the exponential dimensional power of the speed of Light.
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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
This is your opinion about the subject matter but to be honest all mathematics is based on Pi because they created geometry in math from Pi because it is a ratio of a dimension circle over diameter so it is the dimensional speed of Light. Sorry man you didn't convinced Me even if it is on google. I don't care.
In Light and everywhere it so it is dimensional.
I am very sorry. I cannot see any scientific justification whatsoever.
"Pi has all the dimension you can ever think about"
I do not mean to be confrontational or rude, but the only word which comes to mind is insanity. Now you will tell me the same was said about Newton and Einstein. OK. I am 81 and my life expectancy tells me that I should be spending my time on other things.

I honestly wish you well, and I hope things work out well for you.

With sincere best wishes

Cat :)
Go manifolds topology maybe you will see what you are thinking about and what I am talking about or go Riemann and read about what he defines about n and n-1 dimension and for me everything is in relation about Pi that is a special number that have all dimensional in conjecture to zeta function and see that I am right if you relate it to what I am saying.
In the end it is my own point of view and my theory and not mentioned on google by anyone else. Yes propably it is insane because it is new and trendy as a theory very complicated to understand but easy and very very simple to use. Propably maybe they will use it to simplify everything as compact use for example in math as I will define it as a "Pimetry" so in math there is no units only conjecture of dimensional complex function numbers mixed with physics area of study as a portal to all kind of science, and for the shapes dimension of Light in Hologram computers where Energy Light is the ora of the mass world where the unit Megamters/Centiseconds is used as a definition with the equation to have exact solution with no error in infinity and much more.
Listen how you can write E=MC2 by typing it simple you can also write it simple C=π but it follow the rules that it is not C=3.14 without unit and it should follow a unit of measurement as C=π Mm/Cs for the UI.
If you write C=π without unit it means a design abreviation for the continuity of the hidden measurment because the speed of Light is not only a number and that's is a measure of distance over time so you are obliged to mention the unit in the equation for calculation in physics and in math it is not so necessary to simplify everything to have better solution.
C=π Mm/Cs is the true theory. The other one even if it could not be written without measurmemt unit it is designed for simplification fantasy only as π here will be unique of hidden mysteries after that.

All I want to say that it was written as a compact use even if it is wrong and insane outside the box it will be used as a real minimal, normal and maximal equation. In school we knew these things but today the world is changing. We should ameliorate more our technology to the new era.

For Me I would like also to mention that the pictogram π will be designed as a ~ wave-particle Light with equality under it = which means to keep in mind that Pi is equal to the speed of Light "Design Wise" for fantasy.

I enjoy speaking with you and wish you always a better Longer Life, a sweet sensation, great career and gorgeous luck.


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Feb 8, 2021
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Just trying to figure it all out and Cat and IG and Helio are some serious gatekeepers here and that doesn't seem like what this site SHOULD be about....
It's obvious you guys don't have a clue as to what Alain is trying to describe as it is SOMETHING NEW, god forbid....
I see why some of the best posts and posters haven't showed up in a while with a greeting party from you guys who would want to hang around...have fun in your DM....
"The Light at the end of the world took all the back-end time with it".

The Light wavy-circular trajectory of photons has a topology distance mirrored straight diameter of the same equality time measurement of each photon apart. The sinuosity speed of a photon is calculated by the distance of Light that moves in a circular wavy spiral way divided by the unit of a straight time at infinity that never ends.
So it is like when a circle photon spin around itself or in a loop form it has always an equal diameter distance all over its edges from inside and from outside. That distance should be straight in topology for time consistency of continuity interval of time unit of speed measurement.

So if a photon depart from A to arrive to B in a circular form, the distance from A to B is the diamater that is equal in all format for the other photon mirrored part or for its same image back end placement. This is what we call continuity in a photon movement. They are all linked together. Even if there is emptiness between photon that's make a sense for the different frequencies and wavelength for Light speed constant ratio. The average constant speed stay constant and makes those emptiness fall apart in between photons for the link system of continuity in ZENO PARADOXES.

What is the average distance of a circle Light that has no departure neither an end? it is absolutely its diameter. it is the average in between.

What is the fastest things in life that have the (smallest and biggest) average distance in the same time? it is Light and we can considered it in the Riemann Conjectur in the Zeta function of 1+1+1+1....=1/2 (Mirrored images or half pathes).

The Light is always circular and we calculate time as a straight unit of 1 Line. But when space-time comes the time deviated in infinity gravity and that's make the conjecture of calculation a 1 mirrored unit time for all the other curvy times because the 1 photon is 1 entity of calculation 0 is emptiness where time does not exist at all but because Light exist eternally by virtue time exist.


the same aspect for a photon that has no departure neither an arrive that spin for eternal movement. It has a mirrored distance to the other point of symmetric arrival or symmetric departure. it is like a duality in 1 circular form. Which means that a photon when begins to spin from A, its image is B and vice versa so that straight unit of Time is the time in between A and B as if A and B have a pivot point to space-time singularity in 1 straight unit of measurement.

if all the photons are not linked together there will be emptiness distances outside to be inside or in inverse which will be an entanglement calculation of deactivated photons that makes the space emptiness and not linked together in the spherical topology.

"Light itself could be emptiness, because emptiness is in Light and not Light is in emptiness. So the absence of Light itslef make the visible emptiness in the probability of calculation".

That's make the frequencies and wavelength differs from each others in gluons, mesons, Higgs and others interaction particles forces for the existence of Light speed constancy.

Light photon has no mass but it is has a vector linked speed eternally and has a loop at infinity, to makes the constancy of the ratio speed linked together in all the part of photons. the photons could be particles the time you begin to measurement as entanglement or it could be at the same time function of vector speed lines that has no ending and infinity. In both situation they are all metamorphoses together in a vector field because in reality they are not calculated from the first choice or probability.

So the time in between each photon should be straight at infinity with no edges and considered as a 1 unit of entity of measurement.

On another hand time has no limit and straight but in space-time it becomes deviated because of gravity that comes from the vector constant speed of Light. The gravity comes from Light because the photons moves in a wavy path and spin in the same time around themselves in a metamorphic spiral sinuosity way. The way photons moves all together they form Light they created the gravity as a vacuum of fields with infinity forces. The Light is the source energy that have photons as components entity shell of the universe.

The photons goes to gravity to make there loops in the emptiness of space-time of a black hole. The Sun is the deviator between Day and night. The center of the galaxy is the condensation source Light of the Black hole. Inside Black hole there is the tunnel of space-time, emptiness and gravity is the Gates of matter generation through Light compensation of energy for mass creation.
Feb 8, 2021
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Alain I wish I could understand more of what you are saying because it sounds very well thought out but I am far behind and this might take a few days to absorb, but I will try....


"Don't criticize what you can't understand..."
Just trying to figure it all out and Cat and IG and Helio are some serious gatekeepers here and that doesn't seem like what this site SHOULD be about....
It's obvious you guys don't have a clue as to what Alain is trying to describe as it is SOMETHING NEW, god forbid....
I see why some of the best posts and posters haven't showed up in a while with a greeting party from you guys who would want to hang around...have fun in your DM....
I simply don't wish to continue jabbering about something that has already be falsified. Please look at the previous posts in this thread. You will understand what I am talking about. No more comments from me on this thread.
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It is very hard to understand but very simple to verify and to see reality in every single details.

Once again, The speed of Light should have a diamond ratio π
From Here you go. it is not only 299 792 458 m / s because this number is for Vacuum
but the speed of Light should be equal to 314 159 265 . 3...m/s. in the function of π in the base of 10 because it should be a unique number in the SI base unit. In the end people make the SI as international base unit of measurement depending on the speed of Light that defines the m/s.
All I want is the Megameters / Centiseconds because Light is too Fast and simplified in its complexity.

Look on how did they define the Ampere force Law in the UI that is also in the function of π

Go check Vacuum Permeability and Maxwell Equations

in wiki or click on blue links

"It could be verified to what I am talking philosophically , cosmology, mathematically and scientifically, they should do a favor and acknowledge the process in the SI system to make π the speed of Light in its equation units of the megamters / centiseconds as a diamond number rule of thumbs. This will be the revolution and evolution of mankind."

We should think sometimes inside and outside the Universe sphere because this is the truth in quantum mechanics that the equation theory of speed of Light in nature and in absolute emptiness is equal to C=π wherever you go.

They didn't even measure the spin of a photon or any other particles and only they took into consideration the speed of Light only without mentioning the speed spin rotation of each particles in the quarks table because the speed of Light is the same even in its spin.

So how could a spin movement be the same as its any different or any sinusoidal movement to be at the same time the same and constant?

From here you go from the theory equation C=π then to units C=π Mm/Cs because in reality everybody measure the speed of Light and they saw that it is equal to approx. 3 megameters / Centiseonds. but not exactly 3.
it is very simple but not complicated. it should be acknowledge without creating a false paradox of many and many mathematics calculation with no ending for those coming decades.

C=π Mm/Cs =
3.141592653 Mm/Cs (Megameters / Centisecond) SO SIMPLE AS IT IS.

You don't need to understand or to verify it in differential equations and other stuff of permeability and geometry of jigsaw calculation because it is so straight to the point as Light in Life should be beautiful in its number speed ratio and as I define it in all the previous conversations.
(π Radian comes from radiation in electromagnetic fields). everything is in relation and so many mathematician big heads makes collaboration with each other to make extra formulas that comes form π in the same value of content but with different approach, because π is the speed of Light.

and by the way if you look to all my conversation you feel what I am talking inversely about and how I verified it mathematically, physically, geometry and cosmologically.

The Light is extremely fast you can not even feel it, but you can see it.

you can measure it only in the first rule of thumbs in C=π Mm/Cs.

In the end it is not in seconds that you see Light moving in absolute reality. it is per tick or per centisecond where Light travels Millions of Meters and I show that in my previous content that the speed of Light is equal to π Mm/Cs.

I also talked about the dimensionless and dimension numbers at infinity that could not break the law.
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Alain I wish I could understand more of what you are saying because it sounds very well thought out but I am far behind and this might take a few days to absorb, but I will try....
Go back in time with Me in tournament then We move forward by the present Key.

"Sometimes we go back in time in our memories and we see ourselves what we have did as a memory Light illusionary because Light has memory that never dies. So time could deviate to go back."
Maybe this the best thread in which to unite these in description. The principle of the uncertainty of position and velocity in Quantum Mechanics. The wormhole of String Theory. The Sierpinsky carpet of Chaos Theory.

Some description of the Universe is that it is infinitely 2-dimensional in extent (extending a 2-dimensional surface to infinity). String theorists then fold it, bend it, over again and over again, running a wormhole (running wormholes) through the flats of the folds bypassing the bends and connecting or entangling distant places in the folded fabric with shortcuts, leaving the rest of the infinite Universe as "fly over country", so to speak. Stretch that infinitely flat plane to its infinite of flat surface and that wormhole turns into an infinite number of holes in the carpet. It turns into the infinity of holes of the Sierpinsky carpet of Chaos Theory. A traveler going into the wormhole of String Theory would be in all the holes of the infinitely flat Sierpinsky Carpet of Chaos Theory and could pop out of any one of them anywhere in the infinite surface flatness of Universe, popping back into any one of them again, therefore being in all of them again (the wormhole of String Theory), ready and able to pop out again somewhere else out of yet another hole of the infinity of holes of the Sierpinsky Carpet of Chaos Theory.

The infinitely flat plane (the infinite 2-dimensionality of the Sierpinsky Carpet), infinite in extent, is the binary plane of velocity, 0 and/or 'c' (0 and/or 1) (0 and/or 300,000kps). An infinite plane of planes of velocity. If the traveler knows his velocity to precision, he can never know his position in the plane (in the carpet) to precision. In the infinite Universe every point of it is the exact center point (0-point) of the infinite Universe. If the traveler knows his point of position to precision, he can never know his plane of velocity to precision. Shades of the principle of the uncertainty of position and velocity in Quantum Mechanics.

More, the wormhole of String Theory, and all of the rest of the above all united and merged in description, can represent the contraction and expansion of the rubber-band-quality (deflationary and inflationary quality) of any 4-dimensional Einsteinian bubble quality universe or portion of universe (Relativity's 4-dimensional bubble quality universe, including that bubble of all bubbles, the Menger Sponge of Chaos Theory).
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It is so odd to me how so few people can visualize the Multiverse multi-dimensionality of the infinite Universe and/or the multi-dimensional multiverses of the infinity of finite universes. All one needs to do is think multi-dimensionally and the Universe suddenly opens infinitely. and/or vice-versa. It requires breaking, though, out of a rigidly narrow and confined one-dimensional forming of mind and thinking and thought for dogmatic reasons of purpose.
Here in this thread we are talking all dimensions begining from 0 to any x D or any mathematics infinity Dimension.

If it is applied on the first begining from emptiness 0 and applied in all the others and specially in cosmology and metaphysics, science, math and much more so it become a theory.

What you are talking is extremely correct. And this what some people get confused and they only focus on only 1 or 2 D in my conversations. You should sometimes see the objects from different perspectives like 4D or 8D "nanos pivot points" or X D and it was applied with the speed of Light all above in my threads in any kind of dimension existence and non existence, of course we can brake the rules in our minds and keep the laws of nature.
I meant that Light is not a matter. Besides, the mass of the photon is equal to zero. Check the quark elementary table. Photons and gluons have no mass but the Higgs has mass. Higgs are the scalar bosons the sub particles. But photons and gluons are the standard elements quarks of Light. All others are forces and interaction. What I am talking there is that Light photon has no mass. It differs from the graviton of gravity.

Did I fall asleep and miss the discovery of Gravitons? It was only a couple of days ago that I read a very convincing article questioning their existence.

No,.. I've just done a search and can find no reference to what would probably have been a Nobel-prize winning discovery, so I guess Gravitons remain pure speculation.
The regular model of particles physics contains only renormalization but the general relativity interaction become nonrenormalizable on different scale for some people, if someone is creating a new theory for the quantum gravity. Those particles interactions can be describable by renormalizable theories because they are too weak to detect in the reality of the observer except gravity which are magnified by the presence of stars, planets rotation and black holes where Light could be the useful interaction at infinity and the portal source for those extreme particles forces, gravity and energy.

The presence of Light photons in nature lead the graviton for propagation. The Gravitons are the elements memory path of Light. They are invisible in the naked eye but have attraction forces that spin 2. The photons are colorful by the gluons interaction in between there probability and they spin 1 as an original mechanical quanta perfect number. The graviton is composed from 2 numbers spin but photon from 1 number or Zero 0 spin in there cycles.

In nonrenormalizable effective field theory, terms in the Lagrangian do multiply to infinity, but have coefficients that remove the extreme inverse powers of the energy cutoff.

If the cutoff is a real at infinity, physical quantity could be empty, therefore the theory is only an effective description of physics up to some maximum energy or minimum distance on different scales. Besides, those terms could represent real physical interactions. Assuming that the dimensionless constants in the theory do not get too large or too small, it could be grouped by the calculations of the cutoff inverse powers, and extract approximate predictions to finite that still have a free parameters. It can even be useful to renormalize these "nonrenormalizable" interactions with the space-time existence.

C=π have the tendency for the speed of Light in nature, black hole & at infinity, which stay corrected in all dimensions and in zeroness because Light is massless. It could be applied in the Feynman Diagram, zeta function Riemann, Maxwell, Einstein and all other theories.

So the massless photons propagation at the torus black hole n-1 dimension of the finite extremely gravity will not be cut off to approach zero 0 and tend to escape to the spiral bulge of the galaxy by doing an integral sinusoidal loop to regain the inverse path of the spherical infinity n dimension of the universe.

The condensed Light at the bulge of the galaxy is the inverse reaction of the black hole formula therefore it is the ora heart of the hole that breath.

If the mass Gravitons was considered by the death stars or by the curvature of space-time that Light do, it is considered also by the inverse vaccum of Emptiness that those extremely condensed massless photons do in their propagation through Gravity inversaly at the formation of a black hole, to warped the space and time to construct the matter "mass".

The normal Gravity of each planet was predicted in many theories from the planet rotational speed on its axes and from other forms like the potential, kinetic & loose vacuum energy "ether dark matter" of the inverse centrifugal force .

On another hand, in the reality of Light-space-time

It is because of Light speed movement at infinity and everywhere to be in here we have the Gravity "The Graviton".
1 is considered a unit of existence before 2 and zeroness is behind that mystery of Light that they do when they are deactivated as dark photons.
if zeroness or emptiness lead to non existence in math calculation, the Light could be at the same time and they are the presence existence of Life and darkness.

At the Black hole the condensed propagation of Light rotational constant speed around themselves makes to collect the extreme gravity as a vacuum and suppress those emptiness zeroness to construct the matter "mass" in the space-time. That is the proof of Life existence.

The Light propagates in Gravity, swim in Emptiness and eat Darkness to create Matter.
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The Light go to the Gravity "Black Hole" and create the mass "Matter" in the spiral space-time. It is not the Gravity that attract the Light. The Light is more powerful than Forces & Gravity. it has its own POWER SPEED C=π in Absolute Emptiness (Or in Nature).

The Light propagates in Gravity where mass equal 0 from E=MC2 equation so the energy equal 0 in absolute Emptiness so Light doesn't need any force from the gravity to be attract in. It is by virtue that Light go there as a commander in chief to the gravity mass (When mass tend to infinity E tend to infinity by the power of Light C x C in the singularity so the hole gate is made) to create the matter by all its kind of Energy.

When you direct a Light in emptiness you doesn't see the beam in darkness but in dark matter "Mass" you see the source of Light in another dimension or the beam will be visible once Light penetrate the matter to activate electrons levels in the atoms where Light moves itself in a sinusoidal wavy path to deeply log the gravity to commands the electrons "Mass" by the Energy to create the matter all around as a loop cycle "Quasar Light Matter spiral creation ".

The Light from where it goes it returns.
Dear All Check the below to clarify more my Speed of Light theory that C=π Mm/Cs where π is the speed of Light that = Distance / Time in the singularity of the product Black Hole the Active Photon is a 1 Cycle in its emptiness of circular spiral core n D and dwells in the dimension of 0 "Darkness" to become deactivated to make that Black Hole n-1 D. So Photon penetrates the Singularity by its speed of Light it metamorphoses from n to n-1 (Active photon to deactivate photon preserving its sinusoidal functionality of wave function wave & particle at the same time. The Same way the Photon particle spin is spherical conjecture to its speed=distance/time the same way of the unit of time equal to 1. C=π/1=π
So if you take 1 unit of time that is equal to 1 you have a speed of photon particle equal to π as ratio.

To comprehend the extreme complex theory more check the below in the algebraic singularity of dimensions:

The relationship to Moishezon manifolds​

Nakamura and Ueno proved the following additivity formula for complex manifolds (Ueno (1975)). Although the base space is not required to be algebraic, the assumption that all the fibers are isomorphic is very special. Even with this assumption, the formula can fail when the fiber is not Moishezon.

Let π: V → W be an analytic fiber bundle of compact complex manifolds, meaning that π is locally a product (and so all fibers are isomorphic as complex manifolds). Suppose that the fiber F is a Moishezon manifold.
Then k(V) = k(F) + k(W)

Kodaira dimension