The mathematically perfect exoplanet system — a perfect place to search for alien tech

"Late last year, astronomers discovered a fascinating star system only 100 light-years away from us. Its six sub-Neptune planets circle very close to their host star in mathematically perfect orbits, piquing the interest of scientists searching for alien technology, or technosignatures, which they argue would offer compelling evidence of advanced life beyond Earth. To be clear, no such evidence was found in the system, dubbed HD 110067. However, the researchers say they're not done looking yet. HD 11067 remains an interesting target for similar observations in the future."

My note, HD 11067 is in the news now and interesting to read about and study.

Sep 6, 2023
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By "mathematically perfect" I suppose they mean resonant orbits, not perfectly circular ones, or something else. An elaboration of exactly what's considered perfect would have been nice.
I believe that resonant orbits means the planets line up on a regular basis.

It shows me that we don't understand the complete character of gravity. Because they all remain in orbit. Imagine the gravitational change on the outer planet.
A statement has an object and an action. This has no action word. If you take the word "that" out, then the word "tend" becomes an action word and the sentence is complete. It would then mean something.


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