The Most Important Planetary Discovery Ever ? Earths Asteroid Belt .

Nov 27, 2023
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Hello .

Earths asteroid belt is easily seen as a gravity impression on grace and champ satellites . see link .

What good is this discovery ? One third of earths resources .

Ancient people harvested Oasis (dark wave water illusions) for cloud seeding . Exosphere hydrogen likely target.

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The asteroid belt, I once read, is the planet that Jupiter either kept from fully forming or tore apart. In any case it is a planet's worth of accessible prime resource mass for production of manmade in-space colony-Ark home islands and other even more custom-specialized facilitations.

From my reading and understanding, it alone could be good for a thousand times Earth's near 2-dimensional surface area and volume space in Stanford Torus and O'Neill Island 3 colony-Ark city-states, other stations, and more (including even vaster numbers of spaceships and boats plying vast numbers of local area and wide area networked lanes on the high seas of Solar Systemic interplanetary space).
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