The Properties of Blackholes Are Meant to Confuse

In the temporal model of spacetime there is an equation similar to the Stress-Energy tensor of GR. It says that it takes more energy to remove more time from the same volume of space.

Therefore, it requires an infinite amount of energy (or mass) to completely stop time.

Ergo the singularity written into the mathematical description of blackholes is fictional since it predicts that time will stop.

Spacetime and Charge Repulsion​

As time slows down in a dense mass the properties of electrostatic and magnetic fields are also affected. It appears that the repulsive force between charged particles decreases as the rate of time decreases. The reduced nuclear distance could cause some of the collapsing atoms to undergo fusion. However, the time starvation also reduces the relative velocities of nucleons acting to prevent a runaway chain reaction.

A massive star collapses but it doesn’t permanently leave the universe as popularly described for a blackhole.

The “conditions” and the stellar masses which allow the creation of blackholes supposedly exist throughout the Milky Way galaxy. According to theory once a blackhole is created they are immortal. Search the internet for the position of the nearest blackhole in this galaxy. You will only find “possible” blackholes within a thousand light years. All blackholes seem to be confined to the dust shrouded galactic core.

It appears that the theoretical blackhole is only stable when it is surrounded by the high matter density and time starved space that is found in galactic cores.

Time does not stop in a blackhole. The reduction of the repulsive charge forces between particles due to slower time does not apply if the blackhole contacts faster time (less dense space). As time speeds up the charge repulsion in the blackhole increases and the blackhole matter inflates (or explodes) becoming a Quasar. Any gap in the matter shielding a galactic core blackhole will cause the time rate of that blackhole to increase resulting in a massive release of energy. This is the likely mechanism powering Active Galactic Nucleus AGN.

A blackhole apparently cannot exist outside the shielding of a dense collection of mass (like a galactic core). Ergo the conditions out in the spiral arms might only allow a blackhole to exist for a short time (if at all). Blackholes are not present in the spiral arms because they are not stable here.

The mathematics and paradoxes described in Blackhole physics are a fabrication meant to confound any real understanding of the properties of gravity and time. Yes, a conspiracy.

The Schwarzschild radius describes when time stops. Any theory which incorporates the Schwarzschild radius immediately loses any relevance to the real world.

The Schwarzschild radius is just a bunch of impressive appearing numbers strung together describing nothing.
I will use the example of simple relativistic time dilation. For a mass to be accelerated to the speed of light and infinite amount of energy is required. As a consequence, it also takes an infinite amount of energy for time to completely stop for that mass.

The present mathematics and theories describing the properties of blackholes are intended to block any understanding of the factual relationships between time and gravity. The empire has huge databases of basic measurements related to gravity, clocks and satellite orbits which refutes General Relativity. Special Relativity is just bunch of mathematical descriptions of observed properties and doesn’t really depart from reality.

The Empire made GR scientific dogma while at the same time pursuing their own secret scientific program to understand, control, and apply this secret knowledge. In the Battle of the Bulge American speaking German soldiers would change road signs and give wrong directions to American troop and resupply convoys. The Empire used GR along with the scientific and publishing hierarchy to force scientists that were not working for them to waste their time in a dead end which did not go anywhere. The funding and acceptance of Dark Matter and String Theory is how ridiculous this smoke screen has become.

Returning to Blackholes​

Given that it takes an infinite amount of energy to stop time why doesn’t the Schwarzschild’s equation include the same asymptote as the time dilation equation? Schwarzschild died in 1916 so I don’t think he was part of the conspiracy. Many if not all of the singularities in current blackhole theory are fake.

Time does not stop in a blackhole since time dilation is equivalent in a gravitational field.

Blackholes are not immortal and will explode into Quasars if they leave slow time (high matter density) space. That is why blackholes are not found outside of dense pockets in a galaxy. A blackhole created out in the spiral arms of a galaxy would not last very long.

The real properties of blackholes will lead to a better understanding of time and gravity. The current fake theory is a mathematical brick wall. The Empire’s scientists are working on the other side of that brick wall to find an application (military?) for the real properties of time and gravity.

Blackholes are an elaborate deception. There may be something real like a blackhole out there but it will be nothing like the currently accepted definition.
Gravity is not a simple calculation.

Space (as time) does not allow the existence of gravitational fields strong enough to stop time.

Just like the example of a mass being accelerated to the speed of light, the relationship between the energy you put in and the velocity increase,... diverge.

As you put more mass into a volume of space the increase in the gravitational field strength diverges from a linear relationship. A linear relationship between mass and gravitational field strength is assumed in the Schwarzschild equation.

The correct relationship between mass and gravity is identical to time dilation, it is an asymptote requiring infinite mass to completely stop time.