The rings of Uranus are being held back by its pesky moons

ref - Dynamical Interactions and Mass Loss Within the Uranian System,, 23-Oct-2023.

My observation. It appears that the Uranus ring system is young in age and does not date back some 4.5 Gyr in the solar system model used based upon radiometric dating of meteorites. On page 2 of the 19-page PDF report - "Here, we present the results of a detailed dynamical analysis for the five primary regular moons in the Uranian system, and their influence on injected particles into the system. The results show the dynamical exclusion regions and ring material mass loss rates around Uranus for timescales of up to 10^7 years. Section 2 describes the architecture of the Uranian ring and moon system, with comparison to those of Jupiter and Saturn. Section 3 provides a description of the dynamical simulation methodology and the results for the moons and injected particles. The simulation results and their implication for moon and ring evolution are discussed in Section 4. Concluding remarks and suggestions for additional work are provided in Section 5."

My observation, I did not see where the simulations demonstrated Uranus could hold onto its ring system and structure for 4.5 Gyr in the solar system. We have various reports of young ring ages at Saturn and Jupiter system too along with other young ages like grabens etc. A central repository disclosing all to the public I feel is needed now for the different ages obtained when explaining the origin of the solar system.

Edit. The 19-page PDF is 13 pages used.
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