The rings of Uranus look positively festive in epic James Webb Space Telescope holiday photo

Excellent ring images in this article. My 10-inch Newtonian telescope does not show Uranus like this but it did not cost me some $10 billion or more too :) Uranus ring system age is much younger too, these reports suggest 10^7 or 6 x 10^8 years old.

The rings of Uranus are being held back by its pesky moons,

Wikipedia indicates at least 600E+6 years old. Rings of Uranus,, "The rings of Uranus are thought to be relatively young, and not more than 600 million years old. The Uranian ring system probably originated from the collisional fragmentation of several moons that once existed around the planet. After colliding, the moons probably broke up into many particles, which survived as narrow and optically dense rings only in strictly confined zones of maximum stability."

My note, this age is much younger than the 4.56 Gyr solar system age used based upon radiometric dating of various meteorites. Saturn ring system is considered young perhaps 100E+6 years old or younger, Jupiter, Uranus. What about Neptune ring system age too? Ring systems around Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune suggest recent catastrophism in the solar system involving various impact scenarios as well as very young ages too.
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