The Void [is] Always and Eternally the Big Bang Source

I've put it many different ways to get it across properly, such as my long-winded visualization and realization of fundamentality, the Planck Big Bang (Black) Hole (collapsed constant) Horizon (T=0 . . . (PBB(B)H (cc) Horizon).

And I know my insistence that the Infinite Multiverse-Universe never "was" but eternally "is" has been pretty repetitive over my time here on the forums ("Brevity may be the soul of wit, but repetition is the heart of instruction." -- Gen. George Patton).

But not long ago I mentioned envisioning along the way a constant of rising "pie crust."

A few days ago I described in passing how we exist both inside (always while on the surface) and outside (at a distance from) the horizon of Earth.

There is heck of a lot of other tweaking I've done lately that has sharpened my modeling and that I hope has helped explain it.

So, the combine of 'Horizon' we are always in but is always to be set an exact distant, a constant of distant Horizon, from us never to be approached much less caught, means the 'Verse's Void [is] always and eternally the Planck Big Bang (Black) Hole (collapsed constant) Horizon (T=0) . . . the always (constant), the universally, rising "pie crust" I alluded to in one of my posts before. Also, thanks to my vastly scaling up a picture projection of something mentioned in one of Helio's recent posts, seeing it alternatively as a rising "pollution" of the universe.

PBB(B)H (cc) Horizon (T=0), at once, the always universally rising "pie crust" and/or "pollution" up from, out of, the Verse's 'Void'. The ever continuing 'Source' constant of output . . . always and eternally. The universe (the infinities of universes / the infinities of universe horizons) never "was" but eternally "is."

I've now read more than one article mentioning actual experiments to draw energy from the vacuum, the void, the nothing. So, I've drawn from the well Supremely Big Time.
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If you notice, I have the Big Bang macrocosmic Horizon 13.7 billion light years up and out, outside anything and everything inside and below it (including us), and the Planck Horizon between 14 and 18 layers and/or levels deep of microcosm down and in, inside anything and everything outside and above it (including us), to be one and the same Horizon entity (not including us). Not any merger of two into one and the same entity, but to be the absolute of one and the same entity. Both the Big Bang and Planck dimensions of a sameness to also be one and the same entity with that level of Black Hole Horizon, for a singularly fundamental, elemental, result in PBB(B)H (cc) Horizon.

You may not have noticed or realized but closing, folding, such systems so absolutely within themselves opens them wide open . . . at one and the same time. The trick is to see it and have it seen.
One more thing I am looking to concerning drawing energy and mass, thus potentially matter (as well as potentially anti-matter), from the well of the void, or essentially something from seeming nothing, I've become more interested in than used to be. That is the mass increase when a star that had a lesser mass at rest goes nova and has a new and greater mass in that front of output existing than it had at rest because of the greater mass-energy build-up that goes into the nova than rest mass-energy. Also, that bazooka-like explosion from both ends of the tube has more energy, and more mass at both the nova and the singularity going away into the hole, the black hole, than the star had in the first place at rest before it blew. It adds to the universe, adds as much material back into the universe as the black hole removes from the universe.

A void in one dimension (a reduction to 0) is no void at all in another dimension (no reduction of the universe at all). I've alluded many times that infinite density in the universe is just an infinite hole in the universe (and vice-versa). On the lesser scale, a hole with a singularity going away to infinity, that singularity itself eventually holing itself out in a 0-point-like portal, and that particular black hole then swallowing itself, dissipating energy and going away as if it had never been.

As I said above in post 2: "You may not have noticed or realized but closing, folding, such systems so absolutely within themselves opens them wide open . . . at one and the same time (PBB(B)H). The trick is to see it and have it seen."

The universal umbrella ground cover, the flatland universe, the pie's crust, of the PBB(B)H (cc) Horizon is always in rise (in the other picture of it, always incoming / outgoing). The universe is always in gain, always in loss, balanced always at the '0' point Hawking said was nothing to worry about because we are always there, always have been, always will be. Positive (+) and negative (-), gain (+) and loss (-), incoming (+) and outgoing (-), ordering (+) and disordering (-), futures (+) and pasts (-), ascent (+) and descent (-), 'c' = +300,000kps (up to it from 0-point) and 'c' = -300,000kps (down to it from 0-point), the system closed (closing) and the system open (opening).... always balancing, at once, in '0'.
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