Theory of Creation "Popcorn theory"

Feb 1, 2024
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Okay first thing is first this theory is based on the evidence that the “nothingness of space” isn't actually nothing. Also I am no scientist, just a guy with a crazy Theory. If there is already evidence to disprove this then I apologize and i didn't do my research well enough.

So let's go back to a time where space was just “nothingness” where matter was just popping in and out. Now if two or multiple pieces of matter popped into the same place at the same time what would happen well there are 4 outcomes. One of the outcomes being nothing (least likely IMO) the second one being (based on the hadron collider) it creates more matter. The third one being they join together to become a bigger version of said matter. The fourth and final being that they mutate together to for something else. Either way this happening would cause matter popping in and out to start creating areas with “mass”. Now over “X” amount of years because of the density/mass of matter that was formed from the “popcorn” events it could cause a black hole to form.

Now we have never seen a black hole explode from what i read so we don't really know what could cause one to explode but if in the beginning when there wasn't already so much matter for black holes to suck up (planets stars asteroids etc.) these black holes could have sucked up the correct recipe of matter and antimatter or whatever to create a massive explosion now I'm not talking one big enough to create the known universe of galaxies but maybe an explosion big enough to create one galaxy?

Now, as I said before, we don't know what happens when a black hole explodes but what are the outcomes of possible explosions. One outcome is just a boom and nothing comes out of it ( correct particles consumed by the black hole for an explosion but not the correct recipe to create anything visible). Now for outcome number 2 a big explosion with things flying everywhere. We already know during certain chemical “reactions” particles can merge together with other particles etc. so think of the explosion almost like you're welding. So when the explosion occurred the heat plus the crazy below temperature plus all the matter that was contained in the black hole could cause things to glue/weld together like we have never seen.

Thus in return the explosion could have caused the galaxies to form and also makes sense why there would be small galaxies and bigger galaxies. Also makes sense on why a galaxy would for in a circle because debris would be flying up down left right in all directions in a kind of a 3d circle formation also now that there is different atoms and particles it could be why we don't see black holes explode because all the matter that fills the black holes does not create the correct recipe for an explosion.

So is this a possibility of how the cosmos have come to be known? Also could make sense on how some galaxies are older and some are newer since explosions in the nothingness would happen at random times. To me this makes way more sense then one big explosion.

Now you ask why doesn't this stuff occur on our planet well my argument would be this planet is a controlled environment with our atmosphere etc. I believe something like this would only happen in an uncontrolled environment like the “nothingness” of space.

Now to dig deeper.

Based on the theory of “conservation of matter” matter would be considered eternal.
And would be/is the building blocks of all life in all its forms. So if my “popcorn theory” is correct then how do us humans and life play into this as the popcorn theory only predicts planets well lets go into it !!

First we Look at some subatomic particles for a representation.



If you ask me these surely almost represent a small scale model of earth.
You have the outer protective layers that don't let anything get too close and then you have the internal heart of the atom. So what if earth and all planets are just massively oversized “atoms” at their core.

We have a core that fuels that planet, we have our electromagnetic field, we have our atmosphere. And just like everything we have ever know everything uses some type of “fuel” to have energy or stay alive etc. but…… we don't know how these particles are just there and never die aka eternal.

So if planets are just huge particles( but actually still super small in comparison to the cosmos)
The planets need a form of energy, a form of life not “die” and break down its original subatomic size.
So if particles had a “brain” they would be able to do what's needed in order to stay “Alive”. Now think of Earth being a massive particle and has some form of a Massive “Brain” . What if, in the early stages of our planet being welded together from the explosion, it in itself created its fuel source to stay “alive”. (I mean that's what we humans do. we do what is needed to stay alive.) So “earth” created grass trees water to fuel its resources to stay alive and in return created humans animals bugs etc. to ensure that certain things would get eaten and new things can grow to keep the cycle of earth from ever going stale and dying off aka the “cycle of life”

Now some might say that crazy but if matter is eternal and when things come together and fuse together in weird ways crazy things happen just like us humans were fused together in ways to bring us to life and no one knows how.

And as for all the other planets in the universe. Every planet has been fused with different recipes so not every planet would need the same fuel source (life cycle) to stay “alive” just based on our planet's compounds of what it was given to work with this is what it was able to create for a “life cycle”.

Let me know what you think. Some of my verbiage might not be correct and I apologize as I mentioned I am no scientist or anything.
You want to know what I think? Well, the first couple lines say "I'm no scientist, just a crazy guy with a theory." Perhaps you should have considered what YOU just said there, and ended things right then?? This is a science oriented forum, so pontificating on your theory as you did after pointing out that you are not a scientist, just a crazy guy seems rather out of place.
Atoms don't look like that and atoms don't behave like that. Atoms look like beads on a necklace. And the beads rotate. The protons and neutrons are small and hard, the electron is much larger and sorta mushy. And those beads are in alignment and alternate position. Larger atoms have multiple nuclei. Something like my icon, which is H2.
I suggest you duplicate your illustrations but mirror reverse the charges (+/-) and the colors. The grand total of matter and energy in the universe equals '0' and/or *1*, except for that damn trojan, '1/2' (-/+)! You probably couldn't do an overlay into one illustration of equal but opposite illustrations increasing the dimensionality enormously without at the same time crossing your eyes (thus vibrating your eyes) just to see it. Oh, well.

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