There's a Violent Battle Between Solar Wind and Cosmic Rays, and Voyager 2 Just Passed Through it

Dec 1, 2019
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There is a region of bow shock wave of super hot plasma that is in the front of our solar system as it plows its way around the Milky Way. Our solar system is traveling at 515,000 miles per hour, although the solar winds are traveling at 400 kilometers per hour. The speed of the cosmic winds are 20 million miles per hour. There is a lot of energy that is coming from all sorts of places, the speed of the solar system, and the speed of the solar wind times the speed of the cosmic winds (20 million miles per hour). All these forces come colliding at one central point; the bow of the solar system. What is the physics involved in all of this mess? Will we ever send a probe into this cosmic soup, as we traverse 515, 000 miles per hour.
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How can science show the Sun is moving at 515,000 miles per hour or some 230 km/s? There was a long battle over the geocentric teachers where the Earth was immovable. The heliocentric solar system works but in my studies, does not require the Sun to be moving :)

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