This Week In Space podcast: Episode 50 —Experiencing Apollo 11 with Tom Jennings

Mar 31, 2020
I listened to your podcast. Here a group of intelligent men had a difficult time talking seriously about an important topic. Intelligent lifeforms beyond our world visiting earth. Let us look at the facts. Is there intelligent life in our galaxy. Yes. Is the milky way galaxy a habitat for life. Yes. Does life dominate a world where liquid water is present. Yes. Is it possible a more advanced form of life can form. Yes. A serious topic deserves its due. There are 300 million potentially habitable worlds in our galaxy alone. All of the people on your podcast had a similar opinion about this topic. Perhaps someone who believes we are not alone could have been added to the podcast. It reminds me of our only true source of information concerning UFO's. The military. They investigate all UFO claims. What did you see? Classified. Never an honest answer. Not a speck of truth in any conversation. Make a joke. Provide everything but the real truth concerning this very important question.