This week's Community Question is about spaceships!

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Mar 29, 2021
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The TARDIS is a little outdated. If it lands in Texas it could become target practice. :) A TACO truck would be more suitable, perhaps. TACO - Traveling Astrocraft for Cosmic Operations.

I think I flew too many hours in NCC1701 to not make it my personal favorite just based on experience or familiarity.

But there are far sexier/snazzier ones.

The Falcon would be my second choice since a Captain who thinks a parsec is a unit of time means the ship must be really easy to fly.

The ship in Passenger is one of the few that doesn't stretch fiction with crazy gravity. So, in a class of most respected design (closer to real science), it would even impress HAL (2001), I think.

Han's boast is explained int Solo: A Star Wars Story

or maybe theyre a worm hole or that matrix or library or tardis they talk about in
the movie interstellar....

Traveler Scout with Darrian modified drive
( 10x distance 1/10 fuel consumption )
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Mar 27, 2021
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I grew up watching the first rockets (Redstones) launching the Mercury capsules - even on the suborbital flights.. continued up to Saturns ( including one on my tin can down range in the Navy! Man, was that thing loud!) Also went up for a couple of the STS launches from home (both successfully, thank God!) Hope we can managed to get a plan underway for setting up a base on the moon before it's time for me to leave. I'd like to see that!