To Sail Upon the Solar Wind

To Sail Upon the Solar Wind

To sail upon the solar wind,
Across the silent velvet sea.
On wings of gossamer and steel,
In search of far infinity.

Cut loose the bonds of Earth and home,
And aim your bow t'ward distant light.
To leave the Mother far behind,
And venture forth into the night.

To destinations far away,
Across the vast and endless cold.
With sails filled and wires taut,
With firm resolve and spirit bold.

The Raging storms of Jupiter,
The cyclone eye so red and bright.
Europa's cold and frozen sea,
And Io's vulcan fires' light.

Hard as diamond, cold as ice,
Event horizon gravity.
Black as ink with iron grip,
A massive singularity.

To ride an ancient beam of light,
The gentle interstellar breeze.
The torrents of a nova's wrath,
The doldrums of the Pleiades.

To starry seas unknown to man,
Thru nebulae that ghostly shine.
Out there beyond the end of time,
Where fact and fantasy combine.

Uncharted reaches far from home,
The lonely journey, final test.
The unforgiving solitude,
A restless mind that cannot rest.

With visage lifted to the stars,
To dare to challenge nature's might.
And like a child, with eyes so wide,
To gaze in awe at crystal light.
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