Too Fluffy

Sep 24, 2021
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A few weeks ago I was doing some deep-sky photography and had some shots ruined by a cluster of satellites. In this case they were not the infamous Starlink trains, but instead some US Navy NOSS satellites. But while I was doing a web search about them Google directed me to "". Since I'm interested in astronomy and astrophysics I had high hopes for this website, but it's too fluffy.

It's clear that is struggling to find stories that are relevant to space and that are also interesting and comprehensible to their readers. So they stuff their webpage with filler -
- "Art" projects in Italy to make human-alien "hybrids"
- Science fiction movie characters in the Macy's parade
- Speculation about the Texas abortion law's impact on space-worker hiring
- Celebrations of the Jetson's TV show
- A Disneyworld restaurant
- "Space Force" dress uniforms.
- the Alien movie franchise cookbook (...etc, etc . . . )

It's clear that they named this website "", not because of outer-space, but because they have too much space to fill every day finding relevant stories, so they must scrape the bottom of the barrel.

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