Question Trying to find the best place to watch the Orionids on my birthday this year, October 20th. Anybody know the best National Park to watch it from?


Probably want to pick a location known for year round clear, starry nights. Either that or wait until you can get an accurate weather forecast. It'd be a shame to plan a trip only for it to be cloudy on your selected night of viewing.

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You might consider Big Bend because the nights should be both darker and free of clouds, though you should research their wet periods.

Or you might consider McDonald observatory to see if they allow viewers. Maybe they will open by then, too.

At those areas, the Orionids will be as high as about 75 deg. ( a few degrees difference won't really mater) thus the diming effect of the atmosphere will be very little. Earlier in the night, the meteors will appear in the East as Orion rises, which means the Earth will be traveling more toward them, making them brighter as their relative speed impacting our atmosphere will be much greater. [KE varies as the square of velocity.]

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