UFOs worth investigating despite lack of 'real evidence,' former astronaut Scott Kelly says

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If the isotopic ratios for each one of hundreds of isotopes, in a purported sample from another solar system, is identical to Earth, then there it can't be used to prove a UFO came from that system. The person recovering the sample is going to need to figure out some other way of proving it.
Sep 11, 2022
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Now a spaceship accelerating or decelerating in relation to our system at a significant chunk of the speed of light -- detectable from the heat signature coming from its radiators -- that, to me, would constitute uncontrovertible proof. Or perhaps a working quantum computer with a million qubits or some such number that puts it centuries ahead of what we can build today.

That's just two types of proof off the top of my head. Of course, there may be others that I cannot think of due to my limited imagination, but that would generate near-universal acknowledgement once they became known. Isotopic ratios would be irrelevant here because they either cannot be determined (the distant fast spaceship) or the device may have been built with alien know-how but local materials (the powerful quantum computer).

Of course any artefact determined to have such ratios as are not found in our solar system, if presented, should count as prima facie evidence. Like everything, it would still need skeptical review and scrutiny.

Witness statements, whether sightings or abductions, buried memories uncovered by hypnosis or communications via ouija board, are not low-grade evidence, they have ZERO evidentiary value. Sorry.

I used to say that non-blurry, crystal-clear footage might count for something, but in this age of "deep fake" technology, that is no longer the case. Sorry again.
A Reptilian saying, (yes they are out there also) This is a quote.
"Fools can NOT be fooled. For they will NOT believe anything outside of their reality. That is why they can NOT fly."
I've been told Inner Light is about a Rod galaxy with a comet hitting Alpha B's best and the radiation leading to multi-cellular in 100M yrs and lizards in 1B. They couldn't do bio. Radiation was everywhere. The star was getting worse for 900K yrs. 1.2g we equal them in rockets. Their best bet was underground steam AI and it would've taken 10M yrs to retrieve them riskily. When you spin metal in metal it levitates a city. You missed metal darts that win a metal prize, Riker's Art, metal holographic art, metal spun dice controlled by inner metal by shape-changing the other player...
Mar 31, 2020
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Intelligent lifeforms observing us have chosen not to contact us. We are a violent species. They will do all that they can not to give us that 'smoking gun.' They are helped by those who try to make a quick buck with false claims. They count on all those who are 'non believers.' Those that believe humankind is the center of the universe.
It allows us to wave our hands or close our minds to all the evidence which merits true study and analysis. Hopefully, the NASA study group will follow the science and not the status quo of our military of gathering all information, then providing no information.
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