Unexpected cosmic clumping could disprove our best understanding of the universe

"History always repeats itself in large, though rarely, if ever, in small detail." -- noted historian, Will Durant . . . the first part, the quantum singularity . . . the second part, discreet quanta.

The 'Horizon' fourteen billion light years out and fourteen billion years ago (or twenty-eight -- plus -- billion light years out and years ago) is 'Tomorrowland' . . . always and forever going "back to the future!" (forward to the past ("The Final Frontier!" (You could say the Universe (U) knows what it is doing).)

0-point! Spontaneous REALTIME!

"The total energy of the universe(s) equals zero." -- Stephen Hawking, among others. (The total mass-energy of the Horizon, the horizons altogether, equals zero.)
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