Question Universe state of the matter and mass origins probable solution?

Aug 31, 2021
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Universe state of the matter is obviosly mixture of the kinds. It is not fluid because objects would sink, it is not solid because moving would be impossible, it has some properties of the gas and plasma. It is a combination of the four with potential to transform even more but under special conditions like cooling down to the near absolute zero. That experiment is currently conducted in the ISS. They cool down particles by precisely tuning the lasers. Instead of usual heat - lasers have freezing effect. Brrrrrrrrrr it is so cold in this little chamber - says affected particle and vibrates 400.000 times per second to warm itself.

How does Higgs field gives mass to a particle? There must be set of logical relations between prior existing factors like type of the particle and its quantity versus mass scaling in the return. There is no scalar that gives mass from nothing! Every scalar only measures or calculates and associates. Higgs field can not acknowledge the particle or cluster just two dimensional. There are three spatial dimensions so underlying Higgs field must pressure from all directions. I see example in the density of the surrounding space. Perhapse strenght of the stretching appears as the interstellar and intergalactic density, or having wider picture in mind with overall interspace volume.

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State of matter, in reference to quantum matter found in the core of stars and mimic black holes.
Transient matter and compaction
Atomic matter. 10 * 5
As compaction increase
Neutron Matter 10 *17
Kaon matter 2 quark spin
Quark matter and composite 10* 17 to 10 *25 estimate
Partonic matter 10*25 to 10*30
Axion Gluon matter 10*30 to 10 *35
The dipolar electromagnetic field is a property to all
Understanding QCD and Chiral Supersymmetry opens the field in explaining many formation from star function to hour glass to spiral galaxies etc etc.
Jul 24, 2020
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Universe state of the matter is obviously mixture of the kinds.
Universe state of the matter is obviously mixture of the kinds:
ordinary matter , dark matter , anti matter , virtual matter . . .
black hole matter . . . all they exist in the cosmic "nothingness"
which according to quantum theory is an active substance
Questions will always be asked, regarding the Universe, even when the answer is obvious. It is an infinite Multiverse Universe. Infinity is the always refused missing link. The always refused missing ingredient. The refused source material-substantiality of an ever self-renewing Multiverse Universe (countless paralleling universes: endless beginnings wide: endless ends wide: endless in times (thus all told, timeless)). Finite, that is to mean the infinity of finite universes (the infinity of infinitesimal points), is/are no more than a face, the local, relative, foreground faces of an always non-local, non-relative, thus never observable -- never to be possible of observation, pure background infinity within Planck Big Bang horizon; the big Crunch dimension of that pure background infinity (the two of them, infinite mass Big Crunch vortex / pure background infinity in parallels, the same thing in dual dimensionality).

I guess, I suppose, there is something observable concerning the unobservably infinite.... every finite local foreground's appearance of accelerating expansion to that very infinity (the look of constant returning to what already exists beyond relativity (what never went away / what never goes away / never can go away, in the first place)).

There always seems to be a flatly idiotic refusal to recognize the existence of the base prime, the base primordial, link and ingredient. The infinity of the Multiverse Universe. Timeless times. Beginning in endless beginnings wide and deep always paralleling and crossing end in endless ends wide and deep (to travel ever backward, too, in traveling ever forward). Balance (Universe). Mass's base in and of the Big Crunch's infinite mass, the infinite mass, in duality, of an infinite Multiverse Universe. Energy's base in and of the Planck Big Bang's always collapsed, and constant, horizon.
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A simple solution is
0=some trivial potential energy
0 =unstable

With either of those it's possible to start quantum fluctuation that does the rest in it's particle creation and eventual conservation of energy when it balances.

Weird solution yes, that (nothing) could have been the mechanism for everything in a logical chain of events that eventually creates the universe we see.

Universe only reason for existence might be a property of nothing.
And if we have one universe created from endless nothing?
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I would encourage Research via NASA papers or Collin University to understanding Chiral Supersymmetry and Dipolar Electromagnetic Condensates.
We need to understand dense matter and how it behaves.
Dense matter such as:
Neutron Matter
Kaon matter
Quark matter
Partonic matter
Axion Gluon Matter
To explain their properties scientist have labelled Chiral Supersymmetry a turning motion created by each matter and the dipolar vortex field generated. There are other terminologies that explain similar effects,
Research to your hearts content, the discovery is OMINPOTENT.

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