US Space Force plans to launch astronauts someday

Feb 17, 2020
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Isn't this in direct defiance of the Space Treaty of 1967?

Outside of prohibitions on weapons of mass destruction in space, it doesn't prohibit military use of space per se.

Take it for what it's worth...

You can double check the wiki if you like, but in the end, what the treaty bans is...
  1. Placement of nuclear weapons
  2. Placement of any weapon of mass destruction
  3. Installation of weapons on celestial bodies
  4. Stationing weapons in outer space
  5. Establishment of military bases, fortification or other installations
  6. Testing weapons in outer space
  7. Conducting military maneuvers on celestial bodies
The more people we have off planet, the great the chance for accidents and other manifestations of humanity's long held frailties. Any human outpost with a population of people greater than, say, 100 people, will likely need a constabulary in some form.

There is a reason for a military presence in space, which is that over the coming years accidents will necessitate something for search and rescue purposes, as well as for dealing with piracy and theft.

As well, in the end, no treaty is set in stone.
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