Very old magazine (late 1960s era) that I remember reading, showing artists conceptions of aliens!

Dec 1, 2021
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Hi. I will be 60 years old next April, in 2022. I remember a very, VERY long time ago, when I was 6 or 7, possibly 8 years old (1967 - 1970), my Dad came home from center-city Philadelphia with a very weird, all heavy paper, if I remember right, magazine or science periodical that had a facinating article, if I remember right, titled "Are We Alone". It had artists conceptions of what the author imagined aliens might look like! I do not remember the name of the magazine. I have searched high and low using umteen different Google searches to try to locate it, although I realize that it is quite possible that it might actually not be searchable (at least without the magazine name), or listed on the entire internet, if you can believe that! Might anyone looking thru these postings be a bit familiar with what I am describing? It would be amazing if someone sees this and remembers the same, and can help me out with maybe the name of the magazine (Science magazine, maybe?)... Thanks!


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Dan Dare - Wikipedia › wiki › Dan_Dare

Dan Dare (full name Colonel Daniel McGregor Dare) was chief pilot of the Interplanet Space Fleet. He was born in Manchester, England, in 1967 and educated at ...

Official Home of Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future

The Official Home of. The Eagle Comic & Dan Dare. The Eagle Comic was originally launched on the 14th April 1950 and ran through to 1969.

I am now 82 (since 19th April) and find a lot on Eagle Magazine which I read avidly in the early 1950s and there is a lot to be found via Google. The best entry might be a character, if you can remember any names? In Eagle it is Dan Dare or the Mekon. I Googled "Dan Dare".

Good luck!

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