Vortex of Countless Vortices, Wrap, Curvature, Force of Object:

Big Crunch, infinitesimal in space, vacuum, and infinite in mass and density || Big Hole, infinite in space, vacuum, and infinitesimal in mass and density. Big Crunch (Big Hole) / Big Hole (Big Crunch). An infinite Universe (Horizon) (Plane) of infinitely many finite universes (horizons) (planes).

A tremendous Multiverse of tremendous multi-dimensionality.... Including, as must dimensionality, Big Vortex of countless many vortices.

The Big Crunch / Big Hole is irresistible force as well as immovable object. Inherent, intrinsic, properties are gravity (to inside hub / to outside rim) and curvature (a wrap from infinite to infinitesimal, a wrap from infinitesimal to infinite), vortex (countless many vortices) and mirror (mirrors mirroring). The countless many of vortices (of the Vortex) accelerating in contraction to the infinitesimal (to the inside), accelerating in expansion to the infinite (to the outside), at once. A curvature curving, a wrap wrapping, a mirror mirroring, and, a balance of nature.

Vortex. Turbulence. A Point (String) (Dimensionality) of countless many points (strings) (dimensions). A Vortex (Horizon) (Plane) of countless many vortices (horizons) (planes). An infinite Universe of infinitely many finite universes. A Multiverse of... many verses, of "many worlds."

The cause is infinitely steady state (no beginning, no ending) Big Crunch / Big Hole (Void) (Space) (Vacuum). Hawking's Grand Central Station of Universe and universal clock of timeless 0-point particle-like parameter 'moment' of real space, real time (leading edge "here now, there now"... to leading edge (sic, as it lays (relative time's 'future'; 'past>future'|0|'future>past'))). The turbulent effect is all of the above... other than the cause. Vortex, turbulence, mirroring, accelerating contraction regarding Big Crunch > mirror reverse > accelerating expansion Big Bang(?). Both in the mirror, both in the vortex (And four rather than two; space-time, mass-energy, mass-space, time-energy). One the constant of cause, the other a constant of effect, but still a duality of dimension, still binary dimension 'and/or', utterly the same but utterly different (one might say a matter of 'matter' and 'anti-matter'). Nothing / Everything, Nowhere / Everywhere, No Time / All Time(s). Vortex turbulence, herein regarding, being 'some-thing', 'some-where', and 'some-time'.

The irresistible force of the immovable object.
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A question, "can a blackhole fit inside a wormhole?," should never have been the question in my view. In my view, wormhole is implied in the very statement of "black HOLE." It's only where the wormhole leads that is the question that can never be proven, though I've answered that question many times to my own satisfaction. It leads to the infinitesimal point of the Big Crunch 'naked singularity' of all blackhole singularities that have ever existed and will ever exist More than just blackholes, but where all centers of gravity lead (point to) without exception. It is the center of gravity of all centers of gravity throughout an infinite Universe (Horizon) (Plane) (Vortex) of an infinity of finite universes (horizons, planes, vortices).

The question which I've answered so often to my own satisfaction is...can a blackhole fit inside a blackhole? And how many can? going down and in horizon by horizon, plane by plane, vortex by vortex, universe by universe, blackhole inside blackhole, inside blackhole... to infinity; to the infinitesimal. The infinitesimal point, infinite in mass and density, of the Big Crunch 'naked singularity'.

Of course if that is the way things are, then my view of infinite Big Hole (Space) (Vacuum) (Mirror) (Vortex) (Universe), is also the way things are going in the other (vertical) direction, horizon by horizon, plane by plane, vortex by vortex, universe by universe, up, up, up, and out, layer by Chaos Theory layer of grain and smooth alternating. Vertical as opposed to 'flat' horizontal.

Could a traveler escape? In either of both directions vertical and/or horizontal, the answer is yes. We do it all the time when simply we move. I would not recommend acceleration or deceleration in velocity in the vertical too far though, particularly down and in. Transformation or translation of the universe being left and/or entered into, to debris (a blackhole) could become suicide. Each rim horizon (as opposed to hub singularity), each 'event horizon', represents the gravity of the infinite Big Hole, the infinite Universe, no matter how infinitesimal in mass and density, still existing, still there, still the wrap, the spiral, the curvature, of infinitesimal to infinite, and infinite to infinitesimal. Up and out to down and in, down and in to up and out. Outside to inside, inside to outside. Infinitely Flat smooth horizontal to finite (hyper-finite) vertical grain / plane, vertical.... to horizontal....

As I said, "The irresistible force of the immovable object."

Given a means of constant self-propulsion, of constant acceleration and deceleration, or constant maintenance of such (keeping the constants of physics), a traveler could escape and move horizon to horizon, of space and time place to place, plane to plane up and down, universe to universe, just as we do all the time in being able to move at all.
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