Watch monster flare-spewing sunspot grow to be 15 times wider than Earth (video)

I was able to view this monster sunspot region this morning.

AR3664 is one big sunspot group and active region 🙂 Observed 0900-0945 EDT 11-May-2024. This was the Carrington sunspot active reported in the news, very large sunspot documented in 1859. I used 90-mm refractor with glass white light solar filter, TeleVue 40-mm and TeleVue 32-mm eyepiece for 25x to 31x views. Some cirrus did form slight obscruation layer but easy to see with many dark cores and other active region sunspots visible too. Weather mostly sunny, some cirrus, temperatue 14C, winds 340/4 knots, h=58%. Given the Sun's distance this morning AR3664 was reported to be near 200,000 km in diameter or about 4.5 arcminute angular size. Very cool to see this in my telescope views.


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