Watch shock waves ripple from SpaceX's giant Starship rocket during 3rd test flight (video)

Shock waves? This is the same trick as when you wiggle a pencil up and down and it looks like its bending. The video is frames per second and the intense vibrations are causing a similar effect. Honestly, this is a stupid thing to try and get people excited about anyway. It's like calling an uber, having someone show up in a Lamborghini, and then getting all excited about the color changing decal on the steering wheel. It's a giant rocket with 33 freaking engines and looks like it wants to bust a cap in the moons ass. Mad respect, MFs!
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May 12, 2021
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ALL rocket engines and many gas turbine engines form shock diamonds in the exhaust. It’s a normal part of underexpanded supersonic free jet flows. Nothing against the immense power of Starship booster. It’s awe inspiring.

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