Watch Venus and Jupiter come close to each other tonight and tomorrow in live webcasts

Last evening near and after sunset, I did view Jupiter and Venus together :) I will wait and see for this evening, could be more clouds in my area near sunset time.

Observed 1730-1830 EST/2230-2330 UT. Some very good views of Jupiter and Venus this evening about 77 arcminutes apart. I used my 90-mm refractor telescope with eyepieces that allowed 25x to 40x views. TeleVue 40-mm plossl (25x), TeleVue 32-mm plossl (31x), and Orion Sirius 25-mm plossl (40x). The #12 Yellow filter allowed for easier viewing of Venus. Bright gibbous shape planet. At Jupiter cloud bands visible and the Galilean moons Ganymede, Io, Europa on one side, Callisto on the other side. Venus was near the 7:00 position in the eyepiece FOV while Jupiter 2:00 position (north up, mirror reverse view). Both planets fit into the FOV at 25x and 31x. Stellarium 1.2 angle measure showed the planets about 77 arcminutes apart tonight. Tomorrow night on 01-March-2023, Jupiter and Venus will be about 0.5-degrees angular separation. Higher power observations will be possible, weather permitting. This Jupiter and Venus close conjunction reminds me of the 04/30/22 close conjunction of the pair, again about 30-arcminutes or 0.5-degrees apart. From my log, morning observation note or 04/30/22. “Observed 0520-0625 EDT/0920-1025 UT. Sunrise 0611 EDT/1011 UT. Spectacular dazzling duo of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces this morning – WoW! Venus 67.42% illuminated; Jupiter 99.53% illuminated. Stellarium 0.22.1 angle mode shows separated by just less than 30 arcminutes (29 arcminute, 47 arcsecond at 0545 EDT).” Now I am enjoying another conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces 😊 Skies clear, temperature 7C, winds 360/7 knots.