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We came from Martians

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ZenGalacticore":2vjpa1o1 said:
That was my point too. Why is it so believable to people that life originated on Mars, or in comets, which then seeded Earth through panspermia? Why can't people accept that life ORIGINATED, somehow, on Earth because of favorable conditions. For 3.5 billion years it was anearobic bacteria for God's sake! It took damn near forever to get to the Cambrian explosion, and still hundreds of milllions of years after that 'event' to get to amphibians and dinosaurs.

Oh no. It couldn't happen here on its own. Life had to originate on some freezing-ass absoulute zero comet orbiting Sedna. It would NEVER occur on warm, wet, volcanically active Earth. Horsefeathers!!
You make a good point.

Urey-Miller test showed that by combining various elements with various conditions produces aminoacids. Such conditions and elements most likely prevailed on earth at the dawn of time.


See, I think people have deluded themselves as we know that organics (non-living organics, that is) do exist in space. That in no way means that life originated "out there," and I believe they've taken a lesser simplest answer as the correct one.


Agreed. TMK, organic molecules existed in abundance on the primitive Earth. All the ingredients necessary for life were/are here, as well as the conditions as we understand them. I don't see why we have to look for their 'source' in Martian soil or comets.

I'm all for exploring Mars, though. And I hope we find life there or evidence of past life. Should be a blast either way.


I would not at all be surprised if we do find micro organisms in the ice on mars. That is all though. It could be possible that there was some primitive life form that died off years ago. If there were Martians that were civilized, they would contact us and not hide from us with some super advanced cloaking device. That is unlikely for any logic or intuition that a person could have.

I would say, more realistically, that we came from simple micro organisms that were frozen in ice in a meteor that hit our planet. I might even say that it would be realistic for some species to purposely shoot ice meteors at planets that could sustain life. That would be like them 'laying an egg'. They would search for a habitable planet and aim a meteor/device at it with the basic essentials to evolve. That is how life on Earth works. Life looks for a 'nest' to reproduce. Another theory would be that a giant alien vessel was draining their toilet and the waste landed on our planet. Then, we evolved from the micro organisms in the waste. The whole God theory as described in ancient literature/scripture is just absurd. I don't know how anybody could possibly believe in that. There could be a creator of life on our planet. There could be some advanced life form, "God", that travels the universe looking for planets to create life on. Our's could be one of them. The whole Martian theory sounds pretty whack to me.

Creation of Life


:) Now that is an interesting thought right there. Makes one think where we actually come from. Does give a little sci fi there. To think we came from aliens is pretty cool. Yet aren't we aliens as well to say that who comes from outer space lands here, to them we are aliens as they are to us. This is something that will be fought over for a very long time. We will probably never know the truth but if we really did come from up there sweet. Now if we can only contact them so we can find out other stuff that would be even better. :mrgreen:
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