Question What are the names of the string of satellites that I saw last night?

Apr 19, 2020
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From Des Moines Iowa at about 8:45 PM on 04/18/2020 I saw a string of satellites moving from the WSW to the ENE. I could see seven or eight of them evenly spaced moving at the same speed across the evening sky. In approximately a 15-minute span I probably saw between 20 and 30 of them appear and disappear in the same trajectory. As I recall they appeared just to the west of Orion's belt then a little west of Beetlejuice and then through Gemini continuing on to the ENE. The only reason I happen to see them is that I was checking out Venus and the Stars. When I noticed the first one it got very bright directly overhead but just a little to the West at first I thought it was a plane maybe, but then I started seeing more of them and then getting bright overhead for about a second or two and then I noticed there was a string of them and I could see them all at the same. That was a cool sight to see. Does anyone know the name of these satellites and what they do? Thank you, MJ
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