What Collided with Venus? Move along, nothing to see here.

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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
Yep there has been a long clash between catastrophism and uniformitarianism largely built off of clashing perspectives mixed with of course religion. This conflict makes it hard for many people particularly older generations to come to terms with how these don't appear to be mutually exclusive rather it seems our universe is a mix of both driven by dynamical chaos.

I can only recommend "Science and Sanity" by Korzybski.

Essential reading IMHO for those wishing to understand what (firstly) what they, themselves, are saying and, (secondly) what others are saying.

"The map is not the territory"

What one says is not what one means?

Cat :)
I am pretty sure that the space probe and other data indicated too much thermal radiation on the night side of Venus. This should have thrown out the greenhouse model immediately.

As far as impacts, both regular (hole in the ground) and interstellar (large igneous provinces) there is a direct conspiracy hiding both events.

In Texas and Oklahoma there have been several kilometer wide impact craters created in 300+ million years of sediments. None of these buried impacts into ancient seas appear in any publication except oil company databases. Oil well drilling density can be higher than 10 wells per square mile. It isn’t hard to spot a 15 kilometer diameter, 300 million year old, buried impact crater in the public well logs (done that).

Several waste injection wells took advantage of the fractured rock beneath these impacts to dispose of waste water from fracking operations (if you dump it on the surface the dead zone becomes pretty obvious). One buried impact crater acted like a piston pressurized by waste water and generated a 5.7 earthquake. That is why I looked at the geology there.

This isn’t about catastrophism it is about corruption. All the factors which drive corruption in society are more than well represented in science.

And the really evil individuals who established this corruption did so by the 1930’s.
Corruption has become standard scientific practice for some time now. There is a big difference between getting it wrong and lying about it. Papers which get it wrong are still readable. While you can recognize fictional papers by both their confusing style and even their grammatical structure. (200 word long sentences) .

This kind of corruption can destroy a civilization.


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
What Collided with Venus? Move along, nothing to see here. ?????? My ? marks.

We know substantial bodies (approx Mars size) hit Mercury, Venus, Earth and Uranus, and probably all the other planets. Even in our time, we say comet pieces hitting Jupiter.

I have no doubt that, probably 4 - 3.8 bya, something hit Venus. The evidence, if you need any, is in the rotation.

Cat :)
A planet spinning in the wrong direction is a planetary murder victim. But the time of death is best established by Venus’ current surface temperature (which is not room temperature). This impact was less than a billion years ago. The established scientific narrative hides this impact as a consequence of the Solar System’s formation.

A fictional scientific narrative which blatantly ignores the physical data about a geologically recent impact event.

The space probes would have easily noticed the thermal anomalies related to Venus’ surface temperature. It was obvious that the heat was not coming from the atmosphere, but from the planetary mass.

Interstellar impacts capable of reshaping or destroying entire planets are completely missing from the scientific literature. Could the connection between the geological formation of oil and interstellar impacts be a motive?

Are the “Dark Satanic Diploma Mills” of Oxford and Cambridge still manufacturing scientific credibility for these economically driven distortions of science? Or did the University of Chicago kill their Sith Masters and replace them?

Scientific knowledge is power. And all real power is held by a self selected few.
Assuming that the current surface is recent <600 mya and the liquification of basalt is about 800-1200 C. This temperature might be slightly higher than the original temperature of planetary formation.

Heating by the original surface bombardment tends to produce a lot of shallow hotspots that radiate heat into open space. A lot of the original differentiation would have been driven by the extremely high radioactivity from the super nova material that created the original accretion cloud. Once a large body formed it insulated this radioactive heat causing core temperatures to rise. It liquified from the inside.

Most of these isotopes were short lived on geologic timescales. This mechanism is largely irrelevant now with the remaining uranium, thorium, and potassium isotopes probably incapable of significant melting, more like embers than a roaring fire.

The interstellar impact delivered billions of megatons of thermal energy into Venus’ mass. The impact left Venus an oscillating globule of molten rock.

The current surface temperature is around 450 C. I couldn’t work the models if I had them but to me this suggests that the impact occurred somewhere from 100 to 800 mya. The end Permian interstellar impact in Siberia could have been a relative of the one that destroyed Venus.

I lean toward a Venus impact at about 250 million years ago.

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