What do you call a group of Black Holes?

Apr 23, 2021
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1. a periodical publication containing articles and illustrations, typically covering a particular subject or area of interest.
"a women's magazine"

2. a chamber for holding a supply of cartridges to be fed automatically to the breech of a gun.
"he took the machine gun and a spare magazine"

a receptacle for storing and feeding film to a camera, CDs to a compact disc player, etc.
"you can program only the playback sequence of the discs in the magazine, not individual tracks"

3. a store for arms, ammunition, explosives, and provisions for use in military operations.

4. a number of black holes clipped together
"she was the first to discover a 32 round black hole magazine"

This question has recently begun to circulate, as no actual word exists that labels this phenomenon.

I've seen a lot of interesting suggestions, several of which conflict with other astronomical terminology.

Either design one that is more popularity gaining, or vote one up, please.

Black Holes are Big, Interesting, Marvelous physical entities just like whales. My suggestion for a unique application of a group name to a grouping of black holes is ........ A GAM, which is a group of unrelated whales, and most importantly and to the point....... GAM are my initials. Now how's that for Hutzpah? P.S. Magazines now days are mostly for gun owners and politicians to rant and rave about. Black Holes deserve some respect and admiration and don't need such plebeian controversy to tarnish their spectacular image.
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I can live with "GAMUT" for a grouping of Black Holes. It's a distinctive, well know term which has not the disadvantage of being directly connected to a braggadocious individual's initials, yet still contains those initials. Ain't compromise a fine thing to do? (Politicians take please note). Albeit, I suspect that Black Holes will neither be concerned nor care about what we "fly specks" in the Universe call them.
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This is a "fun theme" with many valid suggestions. However, in the midst of viewing a series of stunning sculptures and paintings of svelte, alluring women of civil and mathematical note from Greco-Roman times, it occurred to me that the term "Bodacious Bodies" apply describes the awesome beauty of a grouping of blackholes. OK! No more from me. I'll wait for some bodacious, modern woman scientist to "coin" a name, and whatever she says I'll agree to.
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I meant that when black holes start to become close enough that a name is needed for a group of them, it might be dangerous to be near such a concentration.

Cat :)
Hi Cat,
of course! Excuse me for asking. Anyways, I have heard that if they are too close there are possibilities of a collision, this collision give an enormous Black Hole, the result of their merging, and it would be scaring.

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