What is the biggest planet ever found?

ROXs 42Bb, the exoplanet sites show properties for this exoplanet listed as a likely very large exoplanet and biggest as this article states.

This exoplanet is imaged and about 140 au from the star.

Space.com says near the end, "Our own solar system is just one of many innumerable outcomes," he said. "So it's kind of fun to see how a planetary system could be different."

Using the exoplanet.eu site, there is 2728 exoplanets that are 0.73 AU or closer to their stars compared to our solar system configuration from Venus inward. The average mass is 2.39 Mjup, so there is a bunch of large exoplanets orbiting very close to their stars compared to the configuration in our solar system with a very habitable Earth teeming with life and plant life.
Well, looking at the database from exoplanet.eu.......


Perhaps this will help. The brown color represents the possibility that these are really Brown Dwarfs.

Normally, planets do not grow in size much larger than Jupiter since increasing their mass causes the extra gravity to restrain radial growth. But, if a planet is hot, as many of these likely are, then their atmospheres grow very large.

I assume many of these top 10 will drop off the exoplanet list someday. But, for now, they are listed and designated as exoplanets.

I'll leave these tough questions to astronomers, which I'm not. :)
Aug 3, 2023
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there should be rewards or gold or something here, because I am amazed you did this. So fantastic, I cannot thank you enough. Definitely going in my next newsletter, then... it's non-monetized so it's not too brazen to link it, but the top category is always "space", so you may enjoy! Can't wait. I should credit your username, then? THANK YOU! WILD!!!!
Thanks! Feel free to use anything I show, but remember to credit anyone I list as an author, if mentioned.

I hope you will include my thoughts on why the first 10 were not mentioned in the main Space.com article. The astronomer mentioned happens to live in my city. :) [I hope to meet him someday.]

I enjoy doing some basic artwork for illustrative purposes, like this. If you have another need of this, or two, let me know, I might have some free time to whip something out.

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