What is the nature of entropy ?

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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
Starcrow, I can say no more:

"So please keep on giving us the pleasure of your clever and well-informed posts - you have become one of the members whose posts are well worth reading - even the rather long ones ;)

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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.

I will take a while longer to consider your nexus approach to the singularity problem. I believe with what I consider to be a reasonable degree of certainty, that I have solved the relativistic side of the big bang. Although I wish I had taken notes about what I believe started the original phase of contraction. This damned Covid has played havoc with my recall, but I'm sure I will be able to retrieve my thoughts on it in the not too distant future.
The bare bones of an idea is also beginning to form in my mind, in which your own idea could be responsible for the quantum aspect of the big bang. Wow...that really would be something , as it would also stop all this senseless bickering about whether quantum or relativity theory best describe our reality, as these theories are both equally important components of reality

How are you coming along with the Nexus concept?

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Nice to assume entropy goes on with no end, therefore has gone on with no end, always and forever.

Also, nice to assume that colder areas, colder physics, always pre-exist hotter areas, hotter physics, have always pre-existed hotter areas, hotter physics, forever, for the hotter to always, forever, transition into.

Also, nice to never explain this reasoning that hot, energy, somehow only existed instantaneously and momentarily but cold, entropy, was always and forever. What a mind to think that way.

In a Star Wars movie Obi Wan Kenobi asks a librarian what could have happened to a planet that obviously should have existed. The librarian came back with the reply, "If it isn't in our archives, it simply does not exist." What a mind to think that way.

Just because it isn't so obvious, or it isn't obvious at all, does not mean it doesn't exist. Varying, diverse, broad and deep infinities (like heat here and cold there, cold here and heat there) are a real problem for finite limited scientists, especially strictly singularly in-line physicists and others. Somewhere there are too many hot bangs to count. Somewhere else there are too many cold ends to count. As infinities, they are always paralleling infinities, broadly and deeply. What need is there of time reversal in infinities of universes: Time's infinities of varying times, broad and deep.

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