What's next for India's Chandrayaan-3 mission on the moon?

Yes, the landing site is 20° from the South Pole. It is off to the right of the pole, almost on the edge as we see it.

Here is a video of the landing. It went very slow. Hovered for half a minute.
There are two announcers, a man in Hindi and a woman in English. Hindi subtitles. Very difficult language to understand. Clipped, very fast. I had a Hindi friend in a curb store here. Taught me "Thank you", "dhanyavad".

In a recent Article on Space.com about connection between Chandrayaan-3 and Moon and Sanskrit Language
You forgot to mention that Sanskrit is the oldest language and therefore was a spoken language only, for the first 2 millennia.
Its derivatives include Indo-European languages such as Latin, German, Russian, English, etc.
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