When it comes to the SPOL constant, there is adding and subtracting....

When it comes to the SPOL constant, there is adding and subtracting involved, to keep this universal constant, constant for all!

When it comes to the speed of light constant 'c' being everywhere at all times the same constant of 'c' regarding every local frame of relativity for every observer, including observer traveler, the universe doesn't stretch out the speed of light with the rubber-like warp-bubble consistency of space and time The universe adds and subtracts frames of light time history from the local picture, editing the picture of histories. It adds and subtracts numbers of photons, by the volume meter-metric mass of them. It does not stretch out or wad up some continuously constant, fixed, number of them -- simply stretching or wadding a fixture -- in expansion or contraction: Fewer horizons, fewer photons, lesser picture, or the more picture the merrier. The universe can do the math, the real math, of stretching, or alternatively adding and subtracting . . . whatever, as the specific, and general, condition dictates and requires.
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I wanted to delete this thread, as a thread of its own, because, after some more thought on it, I put it as a post in a thread where I really wanted it to be. I learned something new to me, I can delete my posts, but I can't delete a thread posted once posted! It's very obvious, I just never thought about it. It doesn't hurt anything having it in twice, I've done that with posts before pertaining to more than one thread but having it as post and thread....

Unless for some reason of contesting, any follow up I might do will be in the other thread.
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