Where to see the northern lights: 2020 aurora borealis guide

Jan 23, 2023
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To be honest I have never paid explicitly for some tours to see Northern Lights. They are more visible than you think and you just need to know when. I do know people that pay $$ to go see these things in Norway. Then I showed them the pics I took from a plane window.

If you are flying from North America to Europe the great circle route usually takes you up to Greenland and Iceland. If the flight is night time, then get a window seat on the left side of the plane. Don't sleep and keep your eyes peeled when you are up there. Very likely you will see the green curtains easily up near the horizon. My daughter despite never seen them before saw it flying to Europe. Same can be done if your route takes you over Anchorage Alaska, the right side of the plane. I used to see it all the time on the fueling stopover to Anchorage AK back in the 80s and 90s.

Less likely these days except on certain China based airlines. The polar route from North America to Asia that goes over the North Pole. You should be able to see the green curtains on either side when you are in the artic circle.

The Prairies in Canada but avoid the summer because you will be in astronomic twilight essentially. I lived in Winnipeg for some years in the 1980s and I see them all the time. All kinds including the white sheet that cover the whole sky and bright enough to read.
Yes, luckily some only have to travel a short distance out to your back door!
As Recently the Aurora Borealis, thankfully (no clouds 🙏)was able to be viewed in NW Donegal, Eire

As I recently saw the repeat of Alexander Armstrongs Iceland visit on RTE
( as I missed it on ch5)

So wasn't expecting to see this wonderful cosmic display!!

Here are a few pictures that people took from their backyard from Burtonport to Buncrana, Inc Churchill,

As I see another Churchill featured below in Manitoba as if seeing the Northern Lights isn't enough, it's program on Ch4/BBC has featured it as it has the most concentration of polar bears too
(, because of the ice melting!)

Simply outta this world,so to say😇