The next 4 to 5 years will be 'most favorable' for aurora sightings. Here's why

Best displays I have seen were in James Bay region of northern Ontario. Northern sky would be floor to ceiling, wall to wall, whitish, bright green curtains. Almost like daylight. We were always up there in summer, so nights were short.
About 5 years ago, in winter, at the lowest ebb of the solar cycle, in broad daylight, I flipped on my car's AM radio and KMOX, 1120 kHz, in St. Louis came blasting through from 600 miles away. This is extremely rare for AM, and indicated that the daylight D layer had not formed. This is the lowest layer, only forms when stimulated by solar UV, absorbs all AM signals before the can skip. May have had something to do with the ebb of the cycle.
I use to be quite active on ham bands about fifty years ago. I only used about 5-10 watts, maybe 50 watts once in a while. Talked all over the world with CW. Still have license and gear. But haven't been active for decades. It's all changed now with this digital electronics.

And with new antenna configurations. Back then, all tried for a low radiation angle or pattern.....for the longest skip. Now they shoot up....and bounce back down with reliable pattern. And these area patterns now form networks.......and all controlled with software.

It's a big change from the old days.
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