Why are you still making rockets that go straight up?

Apr 5, 2021
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Why have you not tried to make a maglev catapult to launch the rockets into orbit? i mean yes make them able to ignite while vertical while upon exit but i feel like using a maglev system to launch the rocket at high speed (ramp up) and then ignite would be 100 times more effective.. Just wondering why you haven't taken this approach?
It seems to me that a mag. drive would be "too much squeeze for the juice".

A 3g mag system, for instance, and a mile of track would only get you 4% of orbital speed.

You can get the results using those basic equations of:

v = at = gt [velocity at end of track]
s = (gt^2)/2 [track length]

Higher g forces will improve speeds but come with higher risk factors.

If only solid mass needs to be launched, it may be beneficial, but may not.