Why does time seem to flow only in one direction?

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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
Why does time seem to flow only in one direction?

The idea is not "why does time seem to flow only in one direction" - it is why are we limited to perceiving the Universe one frame after another? The mystery is why we cannot see it all at one go, when it is there somewhere.

Perhaps the answer to the mystery is that we cannot see it all at one go because it is not there to be seen in its entirety. In other words, the theory is incorrect (falsified?) and the block concept, itself, is incorrect. OR, can it be that the block concept can be modified at the point of interaction (of consciousness)?

Oh dear! Back to the drawing board.

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The reason time flows one way is because everything is in perpetual motion. Perpetual motion can not be stopped. All physical entities are in perpetual motion......at the SAME time. Time unifies all motion.

All particles, all mass, are in perpetual motion. All propagations are in perpetual motion. And all EM fields are in perpetual motion. That covers the entire universe. There is not...one entity...anywhere....that does not have perpetual motion. Even your thoughts are in constant motion. Along with your body. And yes....all static fields are in perpetual motion......all capacitor fields(and magnetic fields) are in motion.....there is no such thing as a static field. And all dead matter is in perpetual motion.

Everything in the cosmos is in a state of perpetual motion. Using the same time.

Our science completely ignores the very basics of physicality. Perpetual motion is the only reality of this cosmos. Perpetual motion is the first physical law of this cosmos.

Perpetual motion is a dynamic that can not be broken. Or stopped.
What is the hottest temperature versus the coldest:

Odd if the universe reached a uniform coldest temperature that would be the hottest temperature due to the uniformity and an inexplicability of all missing differential. There'd be no difference in a universe so superconductive. One can imagine what would happen when any two entities touched creating differential in that universe cracking that universe (cracking that flow).

Does any movement in this universe stop?! Much less all movement?! The universe at large, and at small, is more or less keeping to an equilibrium state at all times. Heat always flowing to cold always heats up the cold (oops, sorry, time reversal! Bill) to a more or less constant state of movement and, thus, equilibrium (+/-). Almost seems fundamentally forceful, electric / magnetic . . . or gravitational / antigravitational . . . whatever. Even W+, W-, Z0, whatever.
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