Wildfires are turning the sun and moon red

Very heavy smoke in Southern Minnesota the last couple of days.

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I heard Canadian fires may be to blame for some areas.

After reading the article, I removed my camera from the luggage and got a few pics from the plane. while heading to Columbus (OH).

I don’t recall ever seeing a saturated red Sun, but that’s what we saw.

[I’m having trouble getting the pics onto my phone so I can upload them. Eventually I will post some.]
May 14, 2021
Here, southeastern PA, Tuesday was a day of no blue sky, orange sun, haze thick enough to see at 150 ft or so. In the evening, gibbous moon near meridian was more orange than a normal rising moon. This is 2500 miles (4000 km) from the wildfires.


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Don't worry. It is only an effect of light. Here in England the Sun appears its normal 'yellow' and the Moon is silvery white. You will get them back to normal in a while.

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My sympathy to those in the fire areas. The secondary effects in Mid-Hudson NY have been cool and cloudy weather during the day time, very nice conditions for being outdoors. The Sun sets in a beautiful orange hue, however, those damned clouds just insist on "hanging around" during the better night sky viewing times.
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