Will Russia leave the ISS? Take Roscosmos chief's words with a grain of salt

This article's closes with (RussianSpaceWeb.com) Anatoly Zak's tweet that says, "Roscosmos will hold on to ISS for as long as technically and politically possible. The goal is to sustain the ISS until the Russian station is ready, which [is] realistically not likely before the 2030s,"

I am not so sure that Russia would wait for its own space station to be operating. Russia is cozying up to the Chinese, who are getting their own space station operational right now. Unless the Chinese rebuff overtures from Roscosmos, I would expect Russia to start looking for joint use of the Chinese station if sanctions continue for very long. And, I would expect China to want to take Russia as far away from "the West" as possible, as part of their strategy to become the dominant country on Earth.