Will the sun explode in December?

Stellar evolution is a well advanced study. The sun is a yellow dwarf and about half-way through its life cycle. It should be stable, as you see it today, for billions of years into the future.

However, this does not mean that it will not explode in December.

It simply cannot be ruled out that some alien species has planted a sophisticated mechanism in the center of the sun, and this is set to go off in December. The chances of this however are extremely remote - fanciful at best. You would be better off buying lottery tickets in December than worrying about the sun exploding. The lotto offers much better chances.

January is another story. The aliens may have miscalculated and detonation could be delayed by a month or so. If you happen to win the lotto, and if you are still really concerned about the sun exploding, you might consider spending your winnings quickly, perhaps all in one place.......
I forgot where I heard it from but someone said that the sun is going to explode in December is this true?
No, it will never explode. Science now has a very competent handle on the thermodynamic process of our Sun, and they have applied their physics to billions of other stars to get a nice "fit" to confirm their theories. Although there is much to learn about our star, like what the sunspots will be doing this next cycle, it is well established that the Sun will begin to show age in about 4 billion years, though we will be tangling with the Andromeda Galaxy by then, IIRC.

Your tone suggests you are at least somewhat serious about asking these astro-death questions but are you? If you are just having fun then others will respond in kind with their fairy tales, and some, admittedly, are kinda fun.