Will we ever be able to communicate with aliens?

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Jan 2, 2024
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Quantum entanglement cannot be used for FRL communication. Whoever collapses their photon first gets a randomly selected state. The person at the other end gets the opposite state. Each side sees a random state. No information can be transmitted.
You can't observe the timing of the observation at the other end as that would entail observing your photon. Then, you would not know if the other guy had collapsed it or if you had.
The speed of light determines how fast time progresses. If c was infinite, everything would happen in one instant. The end of the Universe would happen immediately.
I would suggest that the cart is before the horse. Light has no time it just is. I think it is just common sense to assume light is instantaneous into the future (angle as per light cone) sitting there until, say, our eyes intercept the photon as time passes for us and we catch up to where its path is. That gives the illusion that light has a speed. Of course, to us, it does appear to have a speed because we have taken time to intercept its path.
Like all quantum stuff, it's ambiguous until collapsed by some sort of determining interference which pins it down - so to speak. And, of course, the time process is determined by the expansion of the universe (1 year per light year). Therefore it would seem impossible to exceed the speed of light to transmit information.
That's my made-up way of rationalising it.
However, in the case of entanglement, we have something where both parts exist in the future (for photons say) happily waiting for us to catch up via time passing. Maybe.
The effect of something impacting on one photon may well be instantly transmitted to its partner but we still have to catch up to where it is in the future by waiting for time to pass. So again it seems that information cannot be transmitted "faster than c".
Well it makes common sense to me if no one else:rolleyes::)
Maybe it is less about the strength of the/an EM field and more about the precision, intensity and focus of the field to detatch from the main continuum of space-time. Of course sustaining/preserving a small patch/bubble from which to observe the meta realm.
Would help if the mainstay of space-time has self annealing properties.
Here is the quote, this from Forbe's magazine:
"In the laser setup, no individual photons have enough energy to produce new particles, but rather their combined effects on the vacuum of space causes particle/antiparticle pairs to pop into existence with a particular probability. Unless, however, those intensities approach that critical 10^29 W/cm2 threshold, that probability might as well be zero."
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Traveling through space-time is dragging it around with you.
One must first dislodge oneself from space-time.
Not sure what may be encountered there,
but it could be interesting & quite possibly dangerous.
You are talking an aether fabric in saying "dragging it around with you." Einstein supposedly did away with the aether. Unbeknownst or not to virtually any physicist or cosmologist -- some deliberately (doing lazy physics) ignoring having done it, all of them in fact kept it, held on to "aether drag" now with a "time drag" instead.

Heisenberg did away with any limit to fixed momentum when the observer could fix position ('0') in the universe. Alternatively he did away with fixed position when the observer could fix momentum velocity (sic) in the universe. And to fix momentum velocity (sic) at 300,000kps is to have positional fix an impossibility. The "map" will not be the "territory" regardless of what Brian Greene or any one else tries to tell you! The SPACETIME observation will not be concurrent in SPACE or spontaneous concurrent REALTIME with either the current event, traveler, clock, or time (future history light cone, thus some unobservable advanced faster time on the REALTIME clock than what shows on the observed SPACETIME clock (having slowed and fallen behind . . . distance / speed stretched SPACETIME separated in distance / speed from spontaneous concurrent REALTIME here and there)). The finite local and relative closed system universe losing out to the nonfinite, nonlocal and nonrelative open system universe which is and will be in an asymptotic superposition to it.
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No, macro entanglement is same as single particles. Nothing can go faster than light. This is because light is a "vibration" of the charge force which is the strongest force with infinite reach. There is no other stronger force, if there was, there would be something faster than c. But there isn't. If there was it would be plainly evident, which it isn't.
Bill, I tend to agree with you. But, if you believe in "dark matter" and "dark energy", it is not out of the question that there can be something that is stronger than electromagnetism and faster than light. How would we know that there is not? Whether finding such things would allow us to get somewhere faster than light is another issue. I'm not betting on that. I am not even betting on dark energy and dark matter.
Bill, I tend to agree with you. But, if you believe in "dark matter" and "dark energy", it is not out of the question that there can be something that is stronger than electromagnetism and faster than light. How would we know that there is not? Whether finding such things would allow us to get somewhere faster than light is another issue. I'm not betting on that. I am not even betting on dark energy and dark matter.
I wonder what you would think if a space traveler came from afar and told you he could easily travel to the Centauri System four light years away in four days and return to you in four more days and be gone for eight days of travel time on both his and you clocks . . . aging only eight days in total in round trip? He tells you he would never measure the speed of light to be either faster or less than the constant around 300,000kps relative to him in his ship, the same as you relative to you at rest on the Earth. What would you think about the physics?

What if he had a super-duper scope that could beat the Webb scope all hallow for resolution? And looking through it you observe the traveler's ship (the traveler standing beside you after his trip) to be only several light days on his way away from the two of you standing at the scope. That the light arriving to the scope at the speed of light gives you NOT A CLUE as to the real speed, real space, and real time, involved in the trip. How would you view the most brilliant 20th and 21st century Earth bound physicists and cosmologists? As brilliant 'Stone Age' physicists and cosmologists next to this space traveler however common (among other space and time -- yes time! (a different dimension and definition of time) -- travelers of his kind) he might be?

He would not be only a space traveler. Traveling around in the "dark" unobservable future histories light cone (versus the observable past histories light cone he -- and his clock -- would be observed to be in) would make him a time traveler as well as space traveler. But a vastly, vastly, different time traveler than 20th century Earth bound physicists and cosmologists, dealing solely in the one light cone . . . the past histories light cone . . . would make him the traveler out to be.
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No one can prove that something does not exist. There might be additional forces beyond the four that we know of. Dark Matter may well be a new force, we just don't know at this point. Me personally, I find the most likely answer to be regular matter in a form we can's see, such as isolated black holes.

I don't know this for sure, can't quote a source, but I believe anything going faster than the speed of light would be going backwards in time, which could be used to violate causality which would basically make the universe untenable. Since we have a universe, there can't be a stronger force. I could be wrong on that.
Sep 6, 2023
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"One of the common objections to METI, Vakoch pointed out, is that we may alert hostile extraterrestrials to our existence and provoke an alien invasion. "In reality, any civilization with the capacity to travel between the stars also has the technology to pick up the accidental radio and television signals that have been leaking off into space for the past century," Vakoch said. So any aliens picking up our targeted messages won't be surprised to know we exist, Vakoch added. "But what will surprise them is that we're attempting to start a conversation. That's the whole point of METI — to get across our intention of making first contact."

Comments like this in the space.com article suggest ET would need to be about 35 pc or less distance from Earth to hear our broadcast across the Milky Way that has been taking place for about 100 years now. Using 35 pc distance and this exoplanet site, https://exoplanet.eu/home/, 627 exoplanets are known. 528 exoplanets are listed within 35 pc at this site, https://exoplanetarchive.ipac.caltech.edu/index.html

Apparently no verified ET phoning home within 35 pc of Earth presently.
Earth's radiated power at radio wavelengths is dominated by military anti-ballistic missile radars and TV broadcast anttenae, both of which were insignificant before about 1950, rising rapidly from that time until about a decade or two later.

So I'd shorten your distance to ~60 light years, or 20 parsecs. This bubble is currently overtaking about one new star per week on average, at the average density of stars in the sun's neighborhood. However, the strongest TV stations are only detectable by an Arecibo sized radio telescope at a distance of ~2 light years; the military's radar power is obviously classified info, but reasonable guesstimates put the distance ~10x farther.

Of course the nice thing about aliens is you can always give them whatever level of technology you like.
Sep 6, 2023
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Glad to hear Vakoch's book is finally out. It was scheduled to be out on Oxford Univ. Press way back some four years ago, but then the entire COVID thing erupted and the book was delayed and/or evidently shelved.

I highly recommend Daniel Oberhaus's 2019 book on MIT Press, "Extraterrestrial Language", for anyone interested in this subject.
This applies to time period. From one of the greatest professional students of time, Professor of History and Chronicler of Civilization ('The Story of Civilization'), Will Durant:

"History (time) always repeats itself in large (broad) aspect, though rarely if ever in small (fine) details." Which means it is always proceeding toward repetition in large (broad) aspect . . . always going back (reversing) to the future, the PHYSICS of the past always being the PHYSICS of the future . . . and the PHYSICS of the future always being the PHYSICS of the past . . . the same PHYSICS applying to all past and all future times indifferently! Circularity of time (to come around is to go around) always in play! You don't go backward in time by going backward! Laterally into universe infinities maybe, but never linearly backward in the same track! You could be a space and time universe traveler traveling through a galaxy very similar to this galaxy, if not this very galaxy, and arrive to a world so very similar to Earth circa September 1st, 1939. The names and faces, and some landscapes, might be different but the time, people and events of the time the same, self-similar, to Earth's circa September 1st, 1939. Or similar to any particular time in mankind's history, or even the dinosaurs', on Earth. What then?

The speed of light in an open system is a holographic-photonic mirage since "rest" ('0') is very much a mirage, but the weight, the mass, of an extending physical tether (0 to 300,000kps in closed systematic loop of any kind such as the Large Hadron Collider) is no mirage. No objectively real space traveler is ever on a tether tied to the observer . . . ruled by distant observers. The subjectively relative traveler (including his clock and time) in the light, is always tethered to observers.
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Jan 24, 2024
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Many people communicate with aliens now and then, and these aliens are their dead relatives. Often, the aliens that visit our planet are dead humans, who are ancestors or relatives of modern-day humans.

When anyone dies on Earth, they become alien to this planet. But they still reach out to their loved ones and relatives if those ones are perceptive enough to hear them. When you die, your consciousness doesn't cease to exist like many people think, and this is simply due to the law of conservation of energy.

This is explored objectively (scientifically) using new Physics and Mathematics explained below.

Communicating with such aliens is called conwave communication in CENProject. CEN is an acronym for Consciousness-Energy.

Conwaves are consciousness waves, which are waves emitted by our brains. These waves are electromagnetic (EM) in nature occupying regions around the radio wave segment of the EM spectrum.

There are tons of alien races in the Universe, but the aliens that often visit our planet are humans who had lived on Earth in the past and are now dead.

So, they visit the planet hiding in segments of the EM spectrum, which humans and our instruments cannot see as of yet. When we build consciousness sensors/detectors and consciousness telescopes in the coming years that can pick up EM waves of extremely low frequencies and extremely high frequencies, we'd be able to communicate with aliens that visit the Earth stealthily and on other planets.

Conwave communication works in many ways like radio communication as superposition and coherence underlie both. To communicate with aliens, a solid understanding of consciousness and the human brain is required.

This is the purpose of CENProject, a research project where new Physics and Mathematics have been developed to explore consciousness objectively: Consciousness Physics and Consciousness Mechanics. Communication with aliens, conwave communication, is one of the many exciting applications of Consciousness Physics.
I do not believe that is correct

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